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Exploring the Exciting New Features of ESO Necrom Expansion

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is set to receive a major expansion in the year 2023, and it promises to change the game in a big way. The new expansion is called Necrom, and it will introduce a new class, the Arcanist, as well as new zones, new dungeons, and more. In this article, we will take a look at all the new features coming to Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom and give you our first impressions of the Arcanist class. 



Exploring the Exciting New Features of ESO Necrom Expansion


The Arcanist Class

Arcanist is the latest addition to the ESO class roster and offers a unique playstyle centered around manipulating and gathering Crux charges. Players can use these charges to cast powerful abilities and enhance their damage or healing. The Arcanist also has a variety of other abilities, including the Runeblades, a spinning blade of energy that damages nearby enemies and generates Crux charges. Other notable abilities include Fate Carver, Abyssal Impact, Runeman, and Unblinking Eye.


Players can choose to specialize in tanking, healing, or DPS, depending on their preferred role. The Arcanist also has an ability called Apocryphal Gates, which allows them to teleport and share with their friends.


New Zones

The Necrom expansion will introduce two new zones to Elder Scrolls Online: the Telvanni Peninsula and the Apocryphal Zones of Hermaeus Mora. These zones are expected to be filled with new enemies, quests, and a new trial called Sanity's Edge. The trial involves entering the mind of an ally to save them and their sanity.


Players can also expect the quality of life updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and new music. Necrom will feature 30 hours of fully voice-acted questing and two new companions, the Redguard Arcanist and the Argonian Warden.


Group Finder

ESO fans will be delighted to hear that Necrom will introduce a Group Finder for Trials, Arenas, and other activities. This will make it easier for players to find ESO items, groups and allies for specific achievements, titles, and gear farming. This new feature is expected to be released in the third quarter of the year.


Endless Dungeon

The Necrom expansion will also feature an Endless Dungeon that players can run with a friend. While it is unclear what the rewards and difficulty will be, this Dungeon promises to provide players with an ever-changing challenge. The Endless Dungeon is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of the year.



The Necrom expansion is set to bring exciting new content to Elder Scrolls Online, with the introduction of the Arcanist class, new zones, and dungeons. Players can expect to enjoy a unique and engaging playstyle with the Arcanist, explore new zones, and face new challenges in the Endless Dungeon. The addition of the Group Finder will also make it easier for players to find groups for various activities. Overall, the Necrom expansion promises to be an exciting addition to the game and is highly anticipated by fans.

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