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Killing Old School Runescape Revenants without Banking Guides

Killing Old School Runescape Revenants without banking can seem like an impossible task, but it is certainly doable with a little bit of planning and patience. In this guide, We will be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this world record, breaking feat and also provide tips to make it easier.

Killing Old School Runescape Revenants without Banking Guides


Use the right gear

In addition to the matt skier with a 1.4 bill risk surplus, scales, and luton bag, you should also bring gear that will maximize your damage output and survivability. This includes weapons with high DPS, armor with good defensive stats, and jewelry that provides useful bonuses such as increased accuracy or damage.


Utilize special attacks

Many weapons in Old School RuneScape have special attacks that can be used to deal extra damage or reduce incoming damage. For example, Karil's specs can be used to reduce melee damage by half, making it extremely useful when fighting the dragon revenant. Make sure to use these special attacks strategically to gain an advantage in combat.


Plan your route

Revenants in Old School RuneScape are located in different areas of the Wilderness, and it's important to plan your route efficiently to save time and resources. You can use a map of the Wilderness to mark the locations of different revenants and plan a path that minimizes travel time and maximizes kills per trip.


Use freeze spells and run away

Many revenants have powerful attacks that can deal significant damage, and using freeze spells like Ice Barrage or Ice Blitz can temporarily disable them, giving you time to run away and avoid taking damage. This can be especially helpful when fighting tougher revenants like the dragon or the level 7 imp.


Utilize multi-target attacks

Some revenants, like the night revenant, are accompanied by multiple smaller minions. Using multi-target attacks like Chinchompas or Barrage spells can help you efficiently take down these minions while also damaging the main revenant, allowing you to kill multiple targets at once and save time.


Bring necessary supplies

While you can't bank during this challenge, you should still bring necessary supplies to sustain yourself during the kills. This includes food, potions, and other consumables that will keep you alive and replenish your resources. Using the operation recovery method of using blubberized to heal and killing mosh giants to get food back can be helpful in emergencies.


Stay vigilant and be prepared to escape

The Wilderness is a dangerous place, and other players can attack you while you're killing revenants. Always stay vigilant, keep an eye on your surroundings, and be prepared to escape if other players pose a threat. Use teleports or other means of escape to ensure you don't lose your hard-earned loot.


With careful planning, the right gear, and strategic combat techniques, killing revenants without banking in Old School RuneScape is indeed challenging but achievable. Follow these tips and strategies, and you may just break the world record for this feat and Earn a lot of OSRS GP

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