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Which are the Best Moments to Buy Runescape Bonds?

Runescape Bonds were introduced on September 25th, 2013, with an initial value of 12 million RS GP on the Grand Exchange. However, soon after their release, bonds were selling for much less than their GE value, causing their price to drop to as low as 5.6 million in just 19 days. This is a common occurrence with new items that are released in the game.


Which are the Best Moments to Buy Runescape Bonds?


In 2014, bonds increased in overall value by 900k. They lost a significant amount of their value near the start of the year and near the end of the summer, before going back up during the late autumn and winter period. This trend of bonds going back up near the winter is also seen in other yearly graphs.


In 2015, bonds seemed to lose very little value throughout the year as they went up in average value consistently month by month, before experiencing a significant drop right after Christmas in December. Despite this drop after Christmas, the average value of the bond throughout December 2015 went up compared to November 2015.


In 2016, bonds saw a decrease in value throughout the first quarter, despite a major skill-like invention being released near the end of January. It would take until around May and June for bonds to start rising again, partially thanks to updates such as Invention, bank 2, and the Telos boss release.


From 2017 to 2019, bond prices were fairly stable, slowly going up in value after the February dips. Interestingly, the player base on average was decreasing, especially in 2019, with the average number of players online at any given moment in time being seventeen thousand four hundred players on average in October of 2019.


The bond price graph for 2020 is a bit different and even strange where bonds went down on average for a couple of consecutive months before going back up. Perhaps the strangest thing in this graph is bonds decreasing in value right after Archeology's release on the 30th of March. A possible cause could be that players were buying more bonds to then sell them to fund their Archeology skill grind, causing the supply to exceed the demand and therefore bond prices going down.


The announcement and release of Runescape on Steam in October 2020 didn't seem to have a big effect on bond prices. The graph for 2021 shows bonds steadily increasing in value, with massive spikes near the end of the year caused by two different events: the Golden Partyhat event and the Presence of the Sledge event.


From this information, we can conclude that bonds usually go down in February and March, with the biggest increase occurring in late spring/early summer, during May and June, and in September and November. Historically, the start of the year is one of the best moments to be buying a bond, as the price of bones is usually lower when bonds are dropping in value.



Overall, bond prices won't always be tied to how popular Runescape is, when players usually play, how good its updates are, or how many players are buying bonds. But it is clear that bond prices have fluctuated over the years, with trends emerging based on the time of year and the release of new updates and events.

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