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6 Most Effective Ways to Level Up Quickly in SWTOR, 2023

If you're playing Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2023 and want to level up your character, you've come to the right place. This guide will delve into the 6 most effective ways to boost your character's experience, including completing class missions, taking on world exploration quests, tackling flashpoints, and other strategies. With numerous options at your disposal, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, but we're here to assist you in selecting the optimal approach based on your gaming preferences and style.



6 Most Effective Ways to Level Up Quickly in SWTOR, 2023


Class Missions (Origin Stories)

The Class Missions, also known as Origin Stories, include Operation Talon. To access this mission, you need to use your ship's hollow terminal, which is located in the class section and is marked with a purple colour. However, other missions related to the game's story are also coded in purple, and we'll cover colour coding later. 


The game offers numerous options for levelling up your character, catering to various play styles. It's crucial to understand the distinction between free-to-play and VIP subscription models, particularly if you're a VIP player.


Rest Exp & Exp Bonuses

When playing as a free-to-play user, you can still receive rest experience bonuses. These bonuses come in the form of major complementary experience boosts that last for around three hours and offer a 25% bonus. By using these boosts, you can easily stay ahead of the planets and their scaling levels. With them, you will be on the same level and will experience scaling. However, you can still run other missions to keep your level up to par.


Previously, when the game first launched, arriving on a planet like Tatooine would trigger your class mission. However, upon exiting the hangar and entering the city, you would discover two additional quest options: the story arc for Tatooine and Galen Best's quest lines. These quests can offer additional challenges and rewards to players.


Exploration Missions

When you bring up your map, you will notice different icons representing various things. It is important to ensure that the exploration missions checkbox is selected. As you approach different locations on the map, they will appear on the map. The current mission is to speak with Galen Beck.


Additionally, there are icons for repeatable missions, PVP missions, mission objectives, mission areas, group missions, and exit points to different areas. If you want to level up quickly, taking every single story arc mission on a planet is an easy way to do so


For example, taking the story arc mission for Tatooine in conjunction with your class mission will suffice for meeting level requirements. However, if you have played the game multiple times and are familiar with a planet like Tatooine, you may feel free to do the story arc or exploration quests again since they will be the same each time. The unique aspects of the game are the class missions and origin story, which are different for each class.


Daily Heroic Missions

There are daily heroic missions that you can pick up from mission drop boxes located outside of the hangar. These missions are meant to be completed with other players but can also be done alone if you are careful with your companion. They are bonus missions that you can complete at your leisure and usually provide armour as a reward.


Additionally, there are weekly heroic missions that you can obtain from "The Dealer". These missions are available on every planet and are meant to be completed with at least two people. Completing these missions will earn you additional points for your net.


Flashpoints are also available, which can be obtained by going to the mission areas of the fleet or by grouping up with other players. If you choose to group up with others, you can skip the story and focus solely on completing the flashpoints.



To queue up for a flashpoint, click on the "Join the Queue" option under the "Veteran Flashpoints" menu. This will put you into the group finder and matchmaker, allowing you to travel to the instance quickly. The instance will scale according to your level, and when you're finished, you'll have the option to return to where you entered from or where you left off.


Additionally, there are PvP options and heroic flashpoints that you can do in story mode from the same menu. You can also view your lockouts tab for more activities.


If you want to do the storylines for missions, you can go to the fleet. There are additional flashpoints on places like Ilum, which is post-level 50 content. On the fleet, you'll see icons for priority missions, an introduction to group finder and PvP tutorials, and crafty trainers.


You can also find NPCs with quests, such as the stronghold commissioner, social missions, and macro binocular missions. Flashpoints are also available from NPCs with story icons above their heads. These flashpoints have associated story missions, and you can find them at your leisure by exploring the fleet.


SWTOR Dropship Launch Hangar


Dropship Launch Hangar

This is the place where you can start your missions and ship missions. To begin, you can head over to the left or right side of the hangar, where you will find terminals with different missions. These missions include flashpoints for Amber Station, Athis, and Mandalorian Raiders, each with its own story and emergency response courses.


You can choose to complete these missions with other players or by yourself in story mode. As you complete these missions, you will gain adventuring experience, which will help you level up your character.


In addition to the regular missions, there are also ship missions that you can access from your ship. These missions provide you with the opportunity to gain adventuring experience as well. Your ship has armour and slots just like your character, and you can equip it with armour and upgrades to improve your ship-based combat abilities.


To access your ship missions, click on the ship mission tab and choose the mission that you want to complete. Each character gets a ship mission, and you can choose from a variety of space combat missions. So, get ready to level up your character and take on the challenges of ship-based combat.


Ship Combat Missions

In order to successfully complete Ship Combat Missions, it is important to upgrade your ship's armour to different tiers. To access these missions, click on your galaxy map and select the desired mission instead of flying to a planet. The recommended level of ship upgrades for the mission will be displayed, which will increase as you progress through the missions.


Completing these missions will not only provide you with experience points for your character's level but also allow you to level up your ship. Additionally, there are other options available to level up your character, such as class missions (represented by purple icons) listed under the class section, planetary missions (also in purple) displayed under the planet name, exploration quests, and times two missions or plus two heroics.


Furthermore, flash points also have their own unique mission, which you can access at your leisure. Another option to consider is the conquest, which can be accessed through your leisure. By upgrading your ship and completing various missions, you will be able to level up your character and enhance your gaming experience.


Conquest Missions

Conquest missions offer an extra bonus for players to earn conquest points. These points can be earned by completing quests, missions, and various other activities. Being part of a guild can provide even more opportunities to earn these points through guild objectives.


The conquest objectives are a list of tasks that players can complete to earn SWTOR credits towards their progress bar. These objectives include activities such as finders, arenas, war zones, starfighter missions, and advancement in character levels. Mission taskmaster is another objective where players can earn points by completing ten missions.


As players complete each objective, they earn conquest points, which are tallied on the progress bar. Once a player reaches 100,000 points, they can claim their rewards, which include companion gifts, coins, a cache of weapons, and a minor class mission experience boost. This boost applies only to the player's class missions and not the whole game.


It's important to note that players have the flexibility to choose which objectives they want to complete, and they can level up their character without doing any story missions. For example, a character with no story missions completed can still earn conquest points by completing conquest objectives.



Levelling up your character in SWTOR 2023 can be done in a variety of ways, catering to different play styles and preferences. Class missions or origin stories, exploration missions, daily and weekly heroic missions, and flashpoints are all viable options. Free-to-play users can still receive rest experience bonuses to stay ahead of scaling levels. Flashpoints can be completed with other players or in story mode, and ship missions provide additional opportunities to gain experience. By utilizing these methods, players can effectively level up their character and progress through the game.

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