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Diablo 4 Werewolf or Werebear Druid Early Game Build

The Diablo 4 Druid is a versatile class that possesses the ability to transform into different animal forms at will, making them a shapeshifter. They also wield the power of earth and storm magic, which allows them to unleash devastating attacks on their foes. The Druid's spells and abilities vary depending on the form they take, with each form having its unique set of skills. For players interested in playing as a werewolf or werebear, this build is perfect. Let's start with the ability loadout for the early stages of Diablo IV.



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Diablo 4 Werewolf or Werebear Druid Early Game Build



  • Claw is a better choice than Maul, which is more focused on generating fortified abilities. Claw does more damage, dealing 28 damage compared to Maul's 20. Enhanced claw abilities are recommended. 
  • Pulverize, an AOE ability, is another strong choice, along with enhanced pulverize. 
  • Wild claw, which provides a 10% chance to attack twice, can be obtained after unlocking the raft. 
  • Shred is useful for single-target attacks, especially enhanced shreds and primal shreds. One point should be put into Heart of the Wild, and three points into Wild Impulses. 
  • Wild Impulses make your core abilities cost 15 more spirits but increase damage output by 30%, which is significant. 

Companion skills are not essential, but Vine Creeper can be useful. Enhanced and Brutal Vine Creeper can increase critical strike chance by 20 against enemies strangled by Vine Creeper. This build is heavily focused on critical strikes, so Predatory Instinct is recommended.


Wrath skills

Such as Trample, which provides unstoppable attacks, and Rabies, which deals 28 weapon damage and 53 poison damage, are crucial. One point should be put into Neurotoxin to unlock Venom. Three points into Venom make poisoned enemies take 30 additional critical strike damage.


Toxic Claws

Toxic Claws are also recommended for dealing additional poison damage over four seconds with critical strikes. This build is transitioning towards an envenom playstyle. Raging Shred, which applies an additional 51 poisoning damage over five seconds, is now preferred over Primal Shred. Fierce Claw, which applies 10 poisoning damage over six seconds, should replace Wild Claw.



For ultimates, Petrify is recommended, particularly against bosses. Its critical strike damage bonus increases to 50% against bosses, and its duration increases to 25 seconds. Quick Shift is also an essential skill, increasing the damage dealt by 15% when shape-shifting skills transform players into different forms.



which can be found in specific dungeons throughout the game like Diablo 4 Gold Farming. One of the best aspects in Fractured Peaks is the Unsatiated, which grants 20 more spirits and 20% increased damage to the next werewolf skill used after killing an enemy with shred. This can be useful for abilities like rabies or lacerates. Additionally, the Vigorous Aspect in Howling Caves provides a 10 damage reduction while in werewolf form, which can help players survive in combat. The Rapid Aspect in Dry Steppes provides a 23% attack speed boost to basic skills, which is great for generating more spirit, dealing more damage, and applying poison more quickly with Fierce Claw.


Two powerful aspects can be found in Kehjistan

Wind Striker's Aspect, which grants 8% movement speed when a critical strike is made, and Aspect of the Changeling's Debt, which deals 120% of the poisoning damage to a poisoned enemy with a werewolf skill, consuming the poisoning. This can be particularly useful for following up with Rabies or applying Poison damage with Fierce Claw or Vine Creeper. Players can also utilize the Paragon Board, particularly the Heightened Malice Paragon Board, which provides a 45% damage boost to poisoned enemies when three or more are nearby. Andario's Visage, a unique item that causes AOE poison damage, can also be helpful for this build.



Players can specialize in Eagle Spirit to gain an extra boon. Gift of the Stag from Deer Spirit grants a +10 max spirit boost, allowing players to use more abilities before running out of spirit. The two Eagle Spirit skills, Scythe Talons, and Avian Wrath, can provide critical strike chance and damage boosts, respectively. The Snake Spirit's Masochistic boon allows for critical strikes to heal 3% max life, while the Wolf Spirit's Energize boon provides a 15% chance for lucky hits to restore 10 spirits. Overall, these abilities and bonuses can be combined to create a powerful build that deals high damage, generates spirit quickly, and applies poison damage effectively.

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