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Top 9 Best Addons to Improve Your ESO Experience in 2023

Are you an avid player of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)? If so, addons can help improve your gameplay, make your user interface (UI) more user-friendly, and increase your DPS. In this guide, we'll go over the top 9 best addons for ESO in 2023 that you should consider downloading.


Top 9 Best Addons to Improve Your ESO Experience in 2023


Before we dive into the list, keep in mind that some addons can have a lot of configurations, which may only be suitable for some. Additionally, there may be some overlap between addons that perform similar functions, so choose wisely. We will link everything in the description to make it easier for you to download and manage your addons.


Top 1. Action Duration Reminder

This addon provides better timers for your skill bar, which is useful if you use traditional two-bar builds. It shows the remaining time for skills that you have slotted on your back bar.


Top 2. Awesome Guild Store

This addon enhances your guild store search options and filters, making it easier to find specific items. It also makes the interface look more like your inventory and adds support for the craft bag.


Top 3. Combat Metrics

After a battle, type "CMX" into chat to bring up a window that provides detailed information about the fight. You can see numbers and percentages for all your damage sources, the uptime of your buffs and procs, and a detailed breakdown of your DPS. This addon is excellent for players who are serious about improving their gameplay.


Top 4. Seer HUD

This addon only appears when you're inside Cyrodiil, providing you with information regarding the campaign. You can see the time remaining until the next evaluation, which keeps our currently under attack, numbers of scrolls, open gates, counts of friendly and enemy siege units, and more.


Top 5. Destinations

This addon adds pins on your map for wayshrines, bosses, events, delves, vampire altars, werewolf shrines, and other important locations. It supplies some of the same features as another addon called "SkyShards," but we find that using both together helps us see everything.


Top 6. Dressing Room

This is a skill bar and gear-swapping tool that allows you to swap between different gear setups for specific content. For example, you may have a trash mob setup that uses a bow, but you primarily use a lightning staff for bosses. This addon allows you to set up hotkeys to swap between two different setups while running content seamlessly. However, the Armory addon, which was added in-game, is a better option.


Top 7. Dungeon Champions

This addon shows bosses in public dungeons and delves on your map, and you can configure it to show both defeated and undefeated bosses. This is useful for completionists who want to find everything.


Top 8. Fish Filleter

This addon allows you to fillet stacks of fish automatically, rather than having to press the "E" button continuously.


Top 9. Harvest Map

This addon displays resource nodes, chests, and fishing spots on your map and out in the world as 3D pins. This makes it easier to locate spawn points for resource and Gold farming.



Addons can be a game-changer for ESO players. Whether you want to improve your gameplay, make your UI more user-friendly, or increase your DPS, there's an addon for you. Just keep in mind that some addons can be time-consuming to set up and that some may overlap in functionality. We recommend using Minion to manage your addons and keep them updated automatically. Good luck!

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