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Making WOW Gold by Toy Blazing ShadowFlame Cinder in Patch 10.1

Welcome to the article on how to earn gold in World of Warcraft Patch 10.1. Today, we will be discussing a gold farm that involves a new toy called the Blazing ShadowFlame Cinder. This toy is obtained from a chest in the Zarek Caverns, which can only be opened by equipping the Onyxia Scale Cloak. This cloak can be crafted by characters with 300 skill levels in tailoring, using the Onyxia Scale dropped by Onyxia. The recipe for the cloak can be obtained by completing a quest offered by Overlord Natoj in Orgimmar or Major Mattingly in Stormwind.


Making WOW Gold by Toy Blazing ShadowFlame Cinder in Patch 10.1


The Onyxia Scale Cloak is a BoE item and cannot be auctioned. However, it is in high demand because of the new toy, and it can be sold for a considerable amount of gold. In addition to this, Onyxia's scales can be skinned and sold at the auction house, and the pattern for creating the cloak can also be bought or sold.


Get the Spark of Shadowflame 

You can get the Spark of Shadowflame on a weekly basis except for the first week where you can get two Splinters to make a Spark of Shadowflame. Examiner Teshara Bloodwatcher in Loam gives the quest called "Our United." It's important to get this quest first and get it in tandem with another weekly quest called "A Worthy Ally, Loam Niffin" from Mima. This is not a campaign mission, so make sure to pick it up from Mima, or you will have to grind out the renown through world quests and elite farming. By completing "A Worthy Ally, Loam Niffin," you can get a Splinter of the Shadowflame Spark. This Splinter can be combined with another Splinter to make a Spark of Shadowflame.


Use your Spark of Shadowflame

You can use it to upgrade your old weapon from last season. If you pull it up on the recraft, you will see that you have a Spark of Ingenuity attached to it, which means it will cap out at 395 item level. To replace it, right-click on the Spark of Ingenuity, and it will be destroyed upon recrafting. Choose your base spark, either Spark of Ingenuity or Spark of Shadowflame and click on the spark. If you're using a two-handed weapon, it will require two sparks, but for a one-hander or necklace, it will take just one.


Crafting the Blazing ShadowFlame

Crafting is an important part of player progression in Season 2 of WoW, and we can use Spark of Shadowflame to craft higher item-level items. The key to getting an item that has access to these higher item-level gates is tied to our progression with how many Sparks of Shadowflame we have. Crafting the Blazing ShadowFlame Cinder requires the Onyxia Scale Cloak, Rune Thread, and Cinder Cloth, which can be crafted using Tenebrous Ribs. The pattern for creating the Cinder Cloth can be obtained by killing Tormented Soul Fragments in the Burning Steps.


In conclusion, this gold farm involves crafting and selling the Onyxia Scale Cloak, which is in high demand due to the new toy it unlocks. With a little investment in tailoring and farming Onyxia's scales, you can earn a significant amount of gold. Don't wait too long to get started on this farm, as the value of the Onyxia Scale Cloak may decrease over time.

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