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ESO Leveling Guide: Top 6 Best Methods in 2023

Welcome to the ESO Ultimate Leveling Guide for 2023! In this guide, we will be discussing various methods to level up. The key to successful leveling is to find a method that you enjoy and can sustain over time without getting burnt out. So, we will be covering different methods that hit on all areas of play styles.


ESO Leveling Guide: Top 6 Best Methods in 2023


Leveling Modifiers

If you want to boost your leveling experience in ESO, there are several ways to do so. Here's a guide on how to use different modifiers to increase your XP gain:

  • Party Play: If you're in a party of two or more players, you'll get a bonus XP boost. So try to team up with others to maximize your XP gains.
  • ESO Plus: If you have ESO Plus, you'll get a 10% bonus to experience. So consider getting a subscription to ESO Plus for an extra boost.
  • Training Gear: You can craft or buy Training gear that will increase the amount of XP you get from kills. The quality of the gear determines the percentage increase. So having white, blue, purple, or yellow quality training gear will give you a bigger boost.
  • XP Scrolls: You can get XP Scrolls from the Crown Store or as daily rewards. These scrolls will give you a temporary XP boost of either 50%, 100%, or 150%. The duration of the boost can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Holiday Bonuses: Some events in ESO offer holiday bonuses that can stack with other XP modifiers. Examples of these bonuses include Breton Mead and Bottomless Mead.
  • Experience Potions: There are several types of XP potions in ESO, including Sigic, Ambrosia, Atheromrosa, and Mythic Atherombrosia. These potions provide a temporary XP boost, with the price and potency increasing with the quality. These potions can stack with holiday bonuses but not with XP Scrolls.
  • Ring of Mara: The Ring of Mara is a special item that you can use to marry another player in-game. This will give you a bonus XP boost when you play together. So if you have a friend who also has a Ring of Mara, consider marrying them to maximize your XP gains.


Method 1: Dolmens - No Entry Barrier/Easy

ESO Dolmens - No Entry Barrier/Easy

Step 1: Teleport to Alakir Desert - As soon as you come into the game, you'll want to teleport to the Alakir Desert. This is because it has the closest triangle of domains for Dolmens.

Step 2: Get Teleport Access - You'll need to get teleport access to the three dolmens in the area. You can do this by going to your guild, asking your friends, or asking anyone who is in the area. Once you find someone who can teleport you to the Dolmens, right-click their name and select "travel to the player."

Step 3: Group Up with Other Players - Once you arrive at the Dolmen, group up with other players who are already there. You'll usually see a bunch of people in the area, so it should be easy to find other players to group up with.

Step 4: Follow the Crowd - Once you're in a group, follow the crowd to the Dolmen. The dolmen will spawn enemies that need to be defeated, and once all enemies are defeated, the dolmen will close, and a reward chest will appear. Make sure to loot the chest for jewelry that can be sold or used for jewelry crafting.

Step 5: Repeat the Process - Repeat this process with the other two dolmens in the area, and then repeat the entire process again once the dolmens respawn. This will help you level up quickly, as you'll be gaining experience for defeating the enemies and also leveling up your Fighters Guild.


Method 2: Quarantine Serk Zombie Farm

ESO Quarantine Serk Zombie Farm

Reach the point of the quest Bad Medicine. This quest is located in a specific area, which you can find on the map.

  • Once you reach the area for the quest, you should see a group of zombies. Do not complete the quest, as you will need the zombies to respawn in order to use this method.
  • Pull the zombies towards you and kill them. You can do this by using any weapon or strategy that works best for you.
  • Once you have killed the zombies, reset the loop by returning to the starting point of the quest. This will cause the zombies to respawn, allowing you to repeat the process.
  • Keep repeating the process of pulling and killing the zombies, then resetting the loop to make them respawn. This will allow you to farm experience points and loot without much competition from other players.
  • Experiment with different strategies and weapons to find the most effective way to kill the zombies and maximize your rewards.


Method 3: Master And Holiday Writs - Expensive

The third method for gaining crafting experience quickly involves crafting master and holiday ritz. To do this, you need to have your crafting professions maxed out at level 50. Master ritz can be obtained by completing daily writs from boards with a blue icon or by buying them from guild traders. You also need to have a lot of resources and motifs known to craft the required items.

ESO Master And Holiday Writs - Expensive

Holiday ritz is obtained from holiday events and requires simple or expensive materials. If you are playing on PC, you can use an add-on called WritWorthy to queue all the writs that you have all the resources for. This add-on will auto-complete the writ whenever you go to the desired table.


To complete the master Ritz, you can queue up everything you need to craft and take them to the master Ritz mediator, which is located in the capital city of every alliance. Once you turn in all the completed Ritz, you consume another quest and keep turning it in to gain lots of XP.


If you have holiday ritz, you need to take them to the corresponding boxes to gain the XP. Although this is a very expensive method, it is a quick way to gain a lot of crafting XP. Any level can do this method as long as your crafting professions are at level 50.


Method 4: Skyreach - Very Fast

The fourth method for fast leveling in Elder Scrolls Online is called Skyreach, and it is located in Craglorn. This method is free in its base game, and it is instanced, meaning there is zero competition. However, if you are below level 50, you will need someone to carry you. If you have friends who can do it for free, that's great, but if not, there are people who sell Skyreach runs for ESO gold.

ESO Skyreach - Very Fast

To make the most of this method, it is recommended that you have a lot of XP bonuses and boosts and that you and your partner are geared out appropriately. There are certain builds that are better for this method, so keep that in mind.


The general route for Skyreach involves pulling all the enemies to a specific area and then crouching near certain enemies to avoid their stronger attacks. Once you have cleared out each room, you can open the chest and move on to the next pull. After completing a run, you can reset the instance by switching to veteran mode and back to normal mode.


While there is another method called Black Rose Prison in Murkmeyer, which requires a DLC or ESO Plus, it is considered harder and less interesting by some players. Therefore, the focus of this guide is on Skyreach. With practice, this method can level a character from 1 to 50 in just a few hours, making it an extremely fast way to level up in Elder Scrolls Online.


Method 5: Daily Quest Farming - Chill, Easy, and Lucrative

ESO Daily Quest Farming - Chill, Easy, and Lucrative

  • Look for NPCs with blue markers above their heads in DLC or expansion zones. These are daily quest-givers.
  • Accept daily quests that involve killing world bosses, delves, public incursions like hail storms or geysers or dragons, and other similar tasks.
  • Complete the daily quests to earn XP and other rewards like furniture recipes and motifs.
  • You can share these quests with other players and do a ton on each character each day, up to six world boss quests dailies in a summerset a day on a character, and then you can keep doing it on other characters, same with delves, because they're six total.
  • As long as someone shares a quest with you that is not one that you've already done, you can do it all by going to your journal and selecting the quest from the appropriate zone.
  • Team up with other players to make it easier and more fun. You can usually find people willing to do these quests with you in the zone chat.
  • Repeat the process every day to level up your character and earn valuable rewards.


Method 6: Bloodmayne Cave

The sixth method involves making money and earning XP in Cyrodiil by farming enemies in Blood Main Cave in Aldmeri Dominion. The method requires pairing up with another player from the same alliance, preferably a high CP level player if the other is below level 50. 

ESO Bloodmayne Cave

The cave contains beetles, spriggans, and other bugs that drop alchemy resources and other valuable items that can be sold for a lot of gold. The route involves running through the cave and pulling enemies to group them up and kill them. There are three bosses in the cave that also drop valuable loot.  After clearing the cave, players can wait for the enemies to respawn or send the items to their partners through the mail if they run out of inventory space.

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