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WoW Neltharions Dungeon Guide: Tips and Tricks for Mythic Plus Featuring Dratnos

Are you ready for the challenges that await you in Neltharus, one of the new dungeons in Mythic Plus for Dragonflight Season 2? Neltharion's Lair is a four-boss dungeon full of Djaradin, Lava creatures, and Black Dragonflight treasures. With the release of Dragonflight Season 2, it is time to gear up for its Mythic Plus debut. In this guide, we will walk you through some tips and tricks for Neltharion's Lair.


WoW Neltharions Dungeon Guide: Tips and Tricks for Mythic Plus Featuring Dratnos


Qalashi Thaumaturges

At the start of the dungeon, head left and look out for Qalashi Thaumaturges. These mobs cast Molten Core, which turns a harmless Ore Elemental into a Molten Elemental that pulses increasing AoE damage until it is killed. Make sure to interrupt the spell to avoid getting overwhelmed.



Head up the stairs to find the dungeon's first boss, Magmatusk, an angry fire mammoth that can be one of the toughest bosses in the dungeon. During the fight, the boss periodically grows extra tentacles, increasing the intensity and damage of the mechanics

WoW Magmatusk Screenshot

Stand still if targeted by Lava Spray while others move to dodge it. If it's later in the fight, the targeted player should pop a defensive to avoid being killed. When the boss chooses a target for Blazing Charge, everyone should get out of the way. The boss will charge in that direction and shoot out waves of lava, with the number of waves increasing for each tentacle the boss has grown. 


Tanks should avoid standing in the lava, and healers should be prepared for Magma Eruption, which hits the whole group from time to time, getting nastier with each tentacle the boss has grown. Since the boss scales so much with each tentacle, it's crucial to have every cooldown available and end the fight quickly.



As you head to Chargath, Bane of Scales, packs of Qalashi will include Qalashi Hunters, which throw Binding Spears that make a brown swirly on the ground. Dodge the spear to avoid being stunned until your group kills it to break you free

WoW Chargath Screenshot

The fight revolves around Fiery Focus, which causes the boss to deal massive damage to anyone within 6 yards and also shoot out lava swirlies. Stop this by using the Grounding Spears that the boss helpfully throws at three of your group members! Running the chain through the boss or the boss through the chain will break the chain and also apply a stacking DoT to the whole group


Once all three chains have been broken this way, the boss will lose Fiery Focus and get stunned, taking extra damage. Strike a balance between breaking these chains quickly to stop the Fiery Focus while also not taking on more of a DoT than you can handle.


Forgemaster Gorek

As you make your way up to Forgemaster Gorek, you can skip past the Irontorch Commander miniboss by hugging the wall. This can come in handy if you're in a rush and your Bloodlust is ready. However, keep in mind that you might end up pulling some trash during the boss fight, so it's best to clear out the room first.

WoW Forgemaster Gorek Screenshot

Forgemaster Gorek is a challenging boss that jumps to his anvil and casts Might of the Forge, blasting everyone for a ton of damage. He then follows up with Blazing Aegis, targeting three players, doing damage to each, and spawning swirlies around them. These players should spread and pop a defensive if their health hasn't been topped off before the Aegis hits them.


Heated Swings is another ability that deals massive damage to the tank, knocking them away and leaving behind a fire puddle. This can get the other members of your group killed by the jump that will still go off and will be targeted in Melee. It's best to be careful and make sure your tank has a way to get back quickly or not get knocked at all. If you have a skilled Dragon Isles Blacksmith in your party, they can claim some of the Forgemaster's power by using the shield left behind on the anvil after his death.


Warlord Sargha

Look out for the Qalashi Lavamancers that spawn ads if Molten Army isn't interrupted. If you're short on the count, you can always pick up some extra from either side of the last boss' arena. But watch out for the frontal attack from the Qalashi Wardens.

WoW Warlord Sargha Screenshot

Warlord Sargha is another challenging boss that rewards players for talented extra Curse Dispels. Every time you interact with a pile of treasures, you'll get a stack of DoT. The boss will spawn ads that fixate on random players and leave behind trails of fire. The main mechanic of the fight is Magma Shield, where the boss will shield itself and start pulsing AoE damage.


You can use the treasures from around the room to break this shield. Each treasure is slightly different in how they work, but all can be used to deal massive damage to the shield. Once you break the shield, the boss will be stunned and take extra damage. Keep the ads and their fire trails under control, keep healing or dispelling the curses, and keep using the treasures to break those shields as fast as you can. Before you know it, the boss will be dead.



That's it for this Neltharus Dungeon Guide: Tips and Tricks for Mythic Plus Featuring Dratnos. We hope you found this guide helpful in preparing for your next Mythic Plus dungeon run. Remember, always communicate with your team and good luck in the Dragon Isles!

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