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13 Huge Mistakes Players Should Avoid in 2023 | ESO

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can now make a lot of mistakes that will put you behind the curve in terms of quests, combat, skills, and more basics. To ensure a better gaming experience, we've put together a quick detailed guide that highlights 13 major bug traps players need to avoid in ESO, 2023.


13 Huge Mistakes Players Should Avoid in 2023 | ESO


Mistake #1: Worrying About Class and Race

Before starting the game, new players often get caught up in choosing the "best" race and class for their characters. However, these choices do not matter as much as personal preference. Each class in ESO can tank, heal, and do DPS, and the differences between races are minimal. Therefore, play what interests you and stop worrying about meta builds that change over time.


Mistake #2: Starting Zone Choice

After completing the tutorial, players are given a variety of choices for where to go next, depending on their DLC and chapter purchases. However, new players should start in a basic starter zone and not a DLC zone. The basic starter zones, such as Khenarthi's Roost, Stros M'kai, and Bleakrock Isle, are smaller and have easier quests and enemies, making it easier to level up and gain experience. Chapter zones, on the other hand, are larger, have more special bosses and world events, and can easily kill new players.


Mistake #3: Ignoring Settings

Before jumping into gameplay, new players should adjust some of the game's settings to make it easier to navigate. In the gameplay settings, turn on custom colours for both friendly and enemy effects, and turn up the brightness to see them better. Also, in the combat section, turn on as much information as possible, such as ability bars, timers, and ultimate numbers, to get a better understanding of the gameplay.


Mistake #4: Missed Rider Training

In ESO, there are three separate mount riding skills that players can train up to riding speed, riding stamina, and carrying capacity. Players should train these skills every day, as they can only boost one skill per day. It is also helpful to log out near the riding trainer, so players can train their mounts as soon as they log back in.


Mistake #5: Missed Research Timers

One of the biggest things players need to improve is skipping trait research. Crafting gear with traits is time-consuming, but it is necessary to unlock powerful crafted sets, which can be useful in both PvE and PvP. You can start the process by visiting any crafting station in the game. Make sure to research the best traits first, such as divines for armour and precise for weapons, to make full use of the transmutation system. Transmutation and gear reconstruction allows you to change the trait of a piece of gear or create a new one, but you must have that particular trait researched first.


Mistake #6: Ignoring Crafting

Crafting is an important aspect of ESO, even if you don't plan on becoming a master crafter. Leveling up crafting skills takes time and should be started early. Maxing out crafting skills on at least one character can help you upgrade your gear faster, as it unlocks special passives that let you research faster and upgrade using fewer materials. Deconstructing any useless gear that you're not going to equip or research is an excellent way to level up crafting quickly.


Mistake #7: Not Repairing

It would help if you repaired your armour regularly in ESO. A broken gear piece is a significant mistake in the game, as it will cause you to lose its armour bonus and other stats it provides. Each armour piece you're wearing has a durability meter that gradually gets lower over time as you earn experience. Once this meter reaches zero, your armour piece is officially broken. You can repair it in town through a merchant by paying some TESO gold. You can also use repair kits that are handy to have on hand in case you get stuck out in the open. Pay attention to this mistake and repair your armour every chance you get.


Mistake #8: Missing Your Mundus

This detail is easy to overlook when setting up your build in ESO. Mundus stones don't really exist in the starting areas or even in DLC zones. So to get the right Mundus stone, you need to know where to look. Any Mundus stone is better than nothing, and it'll be a huge improvement over not using one at all. If you need a recommendation, start with the steed mundus. This is helpful for new characters because it boosts your movement speed and gives you extra health recovery, which helps with survivability.


Mistake #9: Missing Food/Drink Buffs

Remember to activate your food and drink buff! These buffs can provide you with a lot of extra resources or recovery, which can be very helpful in combat. Make sure you always have food or drink on hand and refresh it before it runs out. This will prevent you from losing the buff in the middle of combat.


Mistake #10: Not Unlocking Guild Skill Lines

Make sure you unlock your guild skill lines as soon as possible. There are three basic NPC guilds you can join at the start of the game: the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted. To join these guilds, head over to your main alliance city and speak to the quest giver for each guild. This is important, especially for the Fighters Guild, which only levels up by killing Daedra or undead creatures or by closing Dolmen. You need to unlock the skill line by completing the quest to level up the skill line when you defeat those enemies or close dolmens.


Mistake #11: Skipping Light Attacks

Take advantage of light attacks! Light attacks are the most basic attack type in ESO, but they do more than just damage. For example, light attacks will procure your weapon glyph, which can apply useful status effects and even restore resources. Light attacks are also key for triggering certain sets and powerful skills. Additionally, light attacks generate ultimate, which continues even after combat ends.


Mistake #12: Running out of Stamina

Players often need more stamina after sprinting or doing too many rolls dodges in a row. This leaves you vulnerable, and you won't have enough stamina left to break free from crowd control effects when you truly need it. Knowing exactly how much stamina you need in reserve to break free when cc'd is crucial. Open up your advanced stats area, look at your break-free cost, and compare this number to your total stamina pool. This is different for every build, but you want to stay within that mark. Conserve your stamina until it goes back up into a safer area.


Mistake #13: Forgetting Collections

The collection system is a huge part of ESO, and it's a big quality of life improvement. It adds pieces of gear to a collection, so you don't have to keep them in your inventory. Make sure to check your collections regularly and add new pieces of gear to them. Remember to equip new gear drops so they add to your collections.



In conclusion, ESO can be a complex game for new players, but there are several mistakes they can avoid to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. Some of these mistakes include worrying too much about class and race, starting in a DLC zone instead of a basic starter zone, ignoring game settings, missing mount and trait research, ignoring crafting, not repairing armour, missing Mundus and food/drink buffs, and not unlocking guild skill lines. By paying attention to these mistakes and taking the necessary steps to avoid them, new players can progress more quickly and become more successful in ESO.

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