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How to Farming RuneScape Gold with Mini-Boss Glacor?

Welcome to this new guide on how to Defeat Glacor in RuneScape. Glacor is a mini-boss that can be assigned as a Slayer task. They are excellent for gaining Magic XP, charms, and profit. In this guide, LOLTANK will show you how to maximize your profits while killing Glacor.

How to Farming RuneScape Gold with Mini-Boss Glacor?


Access Glacor

it's important to note that to access Glacor, you need to have completed several quests and prequests. However, these quests will put you on the path to unlocking several benefits, including curse prayers and other high-level quests. Additionally, the XP and the drops you get from killing Glacor make them worth it even if you aren't on a Slayer task.


Defeat Glacor

you need to use Magic. I recommend using your best mage setup, as well as normal spells rather than expensive ones. You can also use abilities like Concentrated Blast and Fire Surge. It's also a good idea to bring a weapon switch in case the Glacor switches its weakness.


Shards Rewards

Now let's talk about drops. Glacor has a good standard drop table, including a lot of Aquaballs, which can be cleaned with a Spring Cleaner. However, the main drops to aim for are the Shards of Armadyl. These shards are linked to the Armadyl battle staff, which is quite expensive due to the EOFs and EoFs game. You need 100 shards to make the staff, and they drop about 1 in every 5-48 Glacor. Currently, each shard is worth around 2 million RS gp, so the shards are a good source of regular profit.


Items Rewards

In addition to the shards, there is a chance to get Glacor boots Steadfast, Ragefire, and Glaiven or a Shadow Virtus book. The boots are the most valuable, with Ragefire boots being worth just under 32 million gp, Glaiven boots being worth just over 16 million gp, and Steadfast boots being worth just over 2 million gp. The Shadow Virtus book is less common but still valuable.


Overall, killing Glacor can be very profitable, especially if you get a Slayer task. To maximize your profits, bring a weapon switch, use normal spells, and aim for the Shards of Armadyl and Glacor boots.

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