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OSRS Guide: How to Unlock the Hallowed Sepulchre

The Old School Runescape Hallowed Sepulchre is a challenging and rewarding agility minigame located in Darkmeyer. However, before you can start reaping the rewards, you will need to meet several skill requirements. In this guide, we will go over the steps necessary to unlock the Hallowed Sepulchre and the methods to get the required skills.

OSRS Guide: How to Unlock the Hallowed Sepulchre



To unlock the Hallowed Sepulchre, you will need the following skills:

  • 54 Prayer
  • 56 Construction
  • 62 Ranged
  • 66 Thieving
  • 52 Agility


Crafting Blood Runes

To start, we will work on getting our Construction and Prayer levels up.

These two skills require a fair amount of OSRS Gold, so we will start by crafting blood runes.

To craft blood runes, you will need to have unlocked the True Blood Altar. Purchase a Blood Essence and use it on the altar to unlock it. After that, crafting blood runes is a simple process.

Go to the Blood Altar and craft runes like you would any other rune. However, each Blood Essence you use will earn you an additional 1,000 blood runes, increasing your profit per hour.

Crafting blood runes can net you around 22,000 GP per run, or about 1 million GP per hour. This is a great way to make money to fund your other skill requirements.


Rune Crafting and Wire Watch Sentinels

After an hour of blood rune crafting, you should have around 6,000 blood runes, worth about 1.2 million GP. With the profit earned, you can purchase supplies to train your other skills.

To level up your Thieving, you can start by pickpocketing the Wire Watch Sentinels in Arceuus.

While you do this, you can also work on increasing your Prayer level by picking up the loot and burying the bones.

This will save you Gold in the long run.


Leveling Up Construction and Prayer

With the money earned from crafting blood runes and pickpocketing, you can now work on leveling up your Construction and Prayer.

To level up your Construction, you will need to build oak larders until you reach level 56. This is the minimum level required for the Hallowed Sepulchre. 

Once you reach level 61, you can build a Mahogany Altar and an Incense Burner, which will give you 2.5 times the regular prayer experience.

To level up your Prayer, you will need 550 Dragon Bones, which will cost you nearly 2 million GP. 

You can save money by using a player-owned house (POH) altar to train. With 54 Prayer, you can afk the Wire Watch Sentinels for longer.


Getting the Rogues Outfit

To level up your Thieving, you will need to obtain the Rogues Outfit. 

The best way to get it is by completing the Rogues' Den minigame. This will take some time, but it is worth it in the end. 

The outfit will increase your success rate and reduce the chance of getting caught while pickpocketing.



Unlocking the Hallowed Sepulchre can take some time and effort, but it is well worth it. By leveling up your skills and obtaining the Rogues Outfit, you will be ready to tackle the minigame and reap its rewards. Remember to take your time and enjoy the journey.

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