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WOW Patch 10.1.5 New Spec: Augmentation Evoker

Are you ready for a new specialization in World of Warcraft? Look only as far as the third Evoker spec, Augmentation of Ocher, coming in patch 10.1.5. This new spec is a perfect mix of Black and Bronze Dragonflight magic, imbuing allies with powerful abilities to increase their damage output and capabilities. Let's take a closer look at what this new specialization has to offer.



 WOW Patch 10.1.5 New Spec: Augmentation Evoker



The Augmentation of Ocher spec involves empowering your allies with a variety of beneficial abilities. Some of these abilities can be cast directly, while others are tied to your damage-dealing abilities. As a result, the Augmentation of Ocher delivers damage in a wholly unique way, acting as force multipliers that significantly increase your group's capabilities and damage output.


Certain abilities buff your whole party or specific members, with smart or proximity-based automatic targeting enabling you to focus on the battlefield and enemy selection. You will still be able to target your specific party members if you desire, giving you plenty of freedom to bolster your allies as you see fit.



Black Dragonflight magic focuses on raw power increases and forceful outbursts of earth and might. Bronze Dragonflight magic, on the other hand, is all about bending time, changing fate, and shifting timelines to tremendous effect. With Augmentation of Ocher, you can access brand new abilities that further specialize in either black or bronze magic, as well as discover new ways to power up your allies. Here are some sample abilities:


  • Ebb and Might (1.5-second cast, 30-second cooldown): Increase your four nearest allies' primary stat by a percentage of your own and cause your Eruption to deal more damage for 10 seconds. Some of your other spells are also extended.
  • Eruption (2-second cast, 3-second cooldown): Replaces Disintegrate and causes a violent eruption beneath an enemy's feet, dealing volcanic damage split between them and nearby enemies. Increase the duration of your active Ebb and Might effects.
  • Upheaval (40-second cooldown): Gather earthen power beneath your enemy's feet and send them hurling upwards, dealing volcanic damage to them and nearby enemies. Empowering expands the area of effect, increasing the duration of your active Ebb and Might effects.
  • Stillness in Stone: Conjure a pair of worn stones, one for your target ally and one for yourself. One stone can be activated by the bearer to transport them to the other.



You can choose to specialize in either black or bronze magic, with black containment granting your allies increased maximum health and bronze imbuing your four nearest allies with increased movement speed. You can also protect an ally with explosive dragon scales, increasing their armour by a percentage of your own.


Melee attacks against them cause a scale to explode, dealing volcanic damage. With so many specialization options available, the Augmentation of Ocher spec provides a new level of customization and versatility to your gameplay.



The Augmentation of Ocher spec is a powerful addition to the Evoker class, offering new abilities, specializations, and gameplay mechanics. While some may be concerned about its impact on PvP, there's no doubt that it will be a popular choice for players who want to maximize their allies' capabilities and deal damage in a unique way. If you're looking to try out a new specialization, be sure to give Augmentation of Ocher a try when it releases with patch 10.1.5.

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