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What to Expect from Old School RuneScape Future Updates?

Old School RuneScape has been keeping players engaged with its concept of game jam, where developers get to work on projects they are passionate about for a week. Some of these projects have made their way into the game, such as upgrades to Last Man Standing, new hairstyles, and the Garden of Dirt quest. OSRS developers worked on a variety of projects that will soon be added to the game.

What to Expect from Old School RuneScape Future Updates?


Hunter Expansion

A Hunter expansion is expected to be added soon, which will include new animals and rewards. The expansion will include new animals that can be tracked, and a new NPC called the Hunt Master Aleppi will assign tasks for players to complete. Completing these tasks will reward players with points or a chance to obtain a lot of RS GP, new pets or hunter rewards. This update will extend the Hunter skill beyond just Jin, Tompas, and Herbivore, allowing players to hunt a wider variety of creatures and gain experience in different ways. This is a great update as the Hunter skill is in desperate need of an update, and the idea of having new animals like foxes, wolves, hedgehogs, raccoons, and frogs is exciting.


New Quests

There are two new quests that are expected to be added to Old School RuneScape soon: The Bane of Glouphrie III and the Temple at Senntisten. Both quests are iconic and are highly anticipated by the community. Mod Ed, Jagex's main quest guy, has been working on porting over quests from the archives, and we can expect more new quests from the OG days. This is a great update as it will provide players with new content and keep the game fresh.


Slayer Updates

Slayer is one of the most beloved skills in OSRS and it's getting some love from developers. The new Slayer system includes new rewards and the return of partner slayer, where two or more players can complete the same slayer task and gain experience. The council, new slayer masters, will assign slayer tasks for groups rather than individuals. New rewards include a potion that extends the aggression of NPCs towards players, which only works on slayer tasks, and slayer cosmetics like the hydra dragon hunter crossbow. Developers also plan to add raids as a slayer task, which players can skip if they don't want to participate. Slayer helmets will not work inside raids.


New Graceful Sets

Currently, there are 11 skilling outfits in OSRS and all fill out the same equipment space cases, which means players can't wear the graceful outfit for utility and the skilling outfit for experience. Developers are planning to combine the two outfits into one single outfit. However, this idea has received mixed reactions from players. Some players don't like wearing graceful sets every time they need to wear a skilling outfit. One player suggested making the outfit a blessing that players can wear on their ammo space, allowing them to roll out the fashion escape during skilling. Players who prefer the graceful set can still wear it.


New Forestry Minigame

Developers are planning to add a new minigame for woodcutting, called the Forestry minigame. Players can earn points by chopping trees and use them to purchase temporary buffs like increased experience rates or a reduced chance of depleting a tree. The game will have seasonal high scores and a leaderboard, so players can compete with each other.


Wilderness Expansion

The Wilderness is expected to be expanded soon, with new bosses, new quests, new areas, and new rewards to discover. The Wilderness is a popular area in the game, and this update will make it even better. Jagex moderators have been building on top of the initial ideas that were proposed a year ago, and the third iteration of the project is expected to focus more on the overall picture and fixing previous mistakes. This update will add new money-making methods, including a new Wilderness-only clue scroll that can be obtained through Wilderness Slayer and a diving rework at the Rogue Stand in the Wilderness. The Wilderness Expansion is an exciting update, but it may not be for everyone as only 6% of players enjoy PvP.


New Free-to-Play Boss

A new free-to-play boss is expected to be added soon, which will allow players to customize the difficulty level. The boss will have three tails that are attached to each other, and each tail will represent a different star of combat. The blue tail represents magic, the cream tail represents ranged, and the red tail represents melee. The boss will be an introduction to all players who want to get into PVM but don't know where to start. This boss will teach the basics of everything and will be a good starting point for new players. However, it will not prepare players for end-game content like raids. This boss will be a great addition to the game, and more players getting into PVM is always a positive thing.


Overall, there are many exciting updates coming to OSRS, including Slayer updates, new graceful sets, and a new forestry minigame. Game jam has been a great way for developers to work on passion projects and add them to the game. Keep an eye out for more updates in the future!

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