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How to use event bags to get rare items in 2023 | ESO Whitestrakes Mayhem?

Are you looking to score some valuable and rare items in Elder Scrolls Online? Look no further than the ESO Event Bags! These bags, available during certain events, allow you to spend event tickets to obtain the previous year's rewards. In this guide, we'll discuss the benefits of these event bags and how you can increase your chances of getting the items you desire.


How to use event bags to get rare items in 2023 | ESO Whitestrakes Mayhem?


What Are ESO Event Bags?

ESO Event Bags, such as the Bag of Veteran's Glory, can be purchased from event vendors using event tickets. Each bag contains a selection of the previous year's rewards that you can obtain. It's important to note that you can only hold one bag at a time, so make sure to open them as they become available.


What Can You Get?

The contents of the event bags vary depending on the specific event, but let's take a look at the rewards available in the Bag of Veteran's Glory. Some of the notable items include the Ebonsteel Armor, Briton Terrier pet, Second Legion style, Legion Zero style, and several bears emotes. These items can be quite valuable, with some of them reaching millions of ESO gold in value.


Increasing Your Chances

While the rewards are random, there are ways to improve your odds of obtaining the items you want. One effective strategy is to acquire the pets separately before opening the event bags. Since obtaining a pet requires a certain number of event tickets, buying the pets beforehand eliminates the possibility of receiving duplicate pets in the event bags. This increases your chances of obtaining other desired items.


Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the style pages obtained from the event bags are bound to your account, meaning you cannot sell them. However, they hold significant personal value as they can be expensive to purchase from other players. So even though you can't sell them, you can still enjoy their aesthetic appeal or trade them with other players.


Other Event Opportunities

The strategy discussed here applies to various events in Elder Scrolls Online that offer the previous year's rewards. Keep an eye out for similar events where you can spend event tickets to obtain valuable items. For example, events like Mid-Year Mayhem and Whitestrakes Mayhem offer similar opportunities to acquire the previous year's rewards.



ESO Event Bags provide an exciting opportunity to obtain rare and valuable items from previous years. By spending event tickets, you can roll for items like armour sets, pets, styles, and emotes. Remember to consider purchasing pets separately to increase your chances of getting other desired items. While the style pages obtained are bound, they hold personal value and can be quite expensive to acquire otherwise. Take advantage of these event bags during different events and enhance your ESO experience with unique and sought-after items.

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