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RuneScape Guide: New Items Added to Treasure Hunter

RuneScape introduced several new items to the game through the Treasure Hunter feature. While these additions may have been overlooked in the patch notes, it's important to understand their value and usefulness. In this guide, we'll explore the newly added items and provide an overview of their functions. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this article will help you stay informed. If you enjoy this content, consider subscribing for more updates. Let's delve into the details.

RuneScape Guide: New Items Added to Treasure Hunter


Slayer Wild Cards

One of the exciting additions is the Slayer Wild Card. These consumable items can be obtained from Treasure Hunter in packs of 1, 5, 15, 35, or 80, with increased chances based on their rarity. The Slayer Wild Cards offer unique benefits to slayers.


When you use a Slayer Wild Card, your next Slayer monster kills, regardless of whether it is your current Slayer task, will provide the regular Slayer experience and count as being on task for any drop chance increases. Typically, when killing a slayer monster on task, the chances of obtaining unique drops are improved. These cards allow you to enjoy increased drop rates while also gaining Slayer experience. They can be handy for targeting specific monsters for better loot, even if they are not part of your current slayer assignment. Keep an eye out for these valuable items on Treasure Hunter.


Crafting and Fletching Cleaners

Another addition to Treasure Hunter is the crafting cleaner and the fletching cleaner. These items serve similar purposes, so we will discuss them together. The crafting and fletching cleaners function like a spring cleaners but for crafting and fletching materials.


With the crafting cleaner and fletching cleaner, you can automate the process of hiding or disassembling items you create during crafting or fletching activities. For instance, if you fletch logs into arrow shafts or bows, having the fletching cleaner in your possession will automatically hide or disassemble the resulting items. This saves you time by eliminating the need to manually handle them.


The cleaners provide a time-saving alternative for dealing with crafted items. Instead of selling them on the Grand Exchange or disassembling them for invention materials, the cleaners can handle these actions for you, depending on your preference. They are particularly useful when dealing with large quantities of crafted items.


Obtaining the cleaners and gears

To acquire the crafting and fletching cleaners, you can participate in Treasure Hunter. The chances of obtaining them are represented by a 0.035 chance for each cleaner. Once obtained, the cleaners are yours to keep indefinitely, much like the spring cleaner.


To power the cleaners, you need to use artisanal gear. These gears can also be obtained through Treasure Hunter in packs of 30, 60, 140, 280, or 500, with varying chances based on the gems associated with each pack. It's important to note that the cleaners consume charges from the gears, with two charges per disassembly and five charges for alchemy. Consequently, the gears may deplete quickly, so plan your usage accordingly.



With the introduction of the Slayer Wild Cards, crafting cleaner, fletching cleaner, and artisanal gears, RuneScape players have some exciting new items to explore. These additions provide unique benefits, such as improved drop rates, automated handling of crafted items, and time-saving conveniences. While their availability through Treasure Hunter may not be ideal for some players, they still offer valuable advantages. Keep an eye out for these items and experiment with their functionalities to enhance your gameplay experience. Let us know your thoughts on these additions in the comments section. 

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