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How to Conquer the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon | WOW Mythic Tips?

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr has been added to the WOW Season 2 Mythic+ pool. In this guide, we will cover the most important mechanics to watch out for in this dungeon. In this guide, We will be taking you through the key strategies and tips for each boss encounter and the dungeon as a whole. Prepare yourself and your group for a thrilling adventure through Uldaman and emerge victorious!


How to Conquer the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon | WOW Mythic Tips?


Dungeon Start

At the beginning of the dungeon, you'll face Geomancers who cast Chain Lightning. Assign an interrupt for this ability to prevent its damage. Additionally, be wary of the Berserkers who cast an enrage, buffing nearby mobs with a 20% increase in damage dealt and taken.


You can use the increased damage taken to your advantage, but be careful not to pull too much and get overwhelmed by the extra incoming damage. The Basilisks in this area cast Spiked Carapace, which buffs them with a reflective damage magic buff. Interrupt their cast or dispel the buff with an offensive purge.


The Lost Dwarves

The first boss encounter features the Lost Dwarves: Olaf, Baelog, and Eric. During this fight, you'll need to dodge various ground effects. Occasionally, a random player will be targeted by Ricocheting Shield. The targeted player should run away from the group and save a defensive cooldown for it.


Olaf, one of the dwarves, will start channelling Defensive Bulwark. It's crucial to interrupt this cast to prevent a 75% damage reduction on the dwarves. If any of the dwarves reach full energy or drop too low health, they will jump onto the Longboat and fire Searing Cannonfire at player locations. To avoid filling the room with fire, stack up your group to reduce the area of denial. Once you defeat the dwarves, proceed to Bromach.



You can choose to fight Bromach first and do the Lost Dwarves second if it suits your group better. Throughout the Bromach encounter, he will spawn adds, including one Geomancer and three ambushers in each wave. Interrupt the Geomancer's casts, and the ambushers should not cause too much trouble.


Bromach will also spawn a Quaking Totem, which pulses AoE damage on the group until destroyed. When the totem is destroyed, it stuns all ads and the boss if they are inside the circle indicator. Mainly focus on the boss, but instantly switch to the totems as soon as they spawn and finish off the ads while they are stunned and take increased damage. After defeating Bromach, proceed to the third boss, Sentinel Talondras.


Sentinel Talondras

Sentinel Talondras is the second boss of Uldaman. Her most important ability is Ancient Dynamo, which buffs her with 2 stacks of Inexorable. Stun her to remove one of the stacks. Later on, she will cast Titanic Empowerment, a big enrage buff that you need to stun her to prevent. Stun her twice to remove her Inexorable stacks and then stun her a third time during the Titanic Empowerment cast. Use the 3 Resonating Orbs that spawn on 2 players and on 1 random location close to the boss to stun her. 


If the orbs are dropped in a bad location or a player accidentally walks into an orb, use a player's stun instead. Keep in mind that she buffs herself with a 10% damage increase each time she successfully gets stunned, so only stun her if necessary to interrupt Titanic Empowerment.



Emberon is the fourth boss of the dungeon. At the start of the fight, he will activate Stone Golems, which will shoot fire orbs towards players continuously. Emberon will also put fire circles on each player, dealing damage and forcing you to spread out. Use defensive cooldowns for this ability. At maximum energy, the boss will become immune, move into the middle, and cut the room in half with a fire beam. 


To end the phase, you will have to defeat all the activated golems that are now attackable. Once the golems are finished off, go back to attacking the boss and end the encounter.


Earthen Guardians, Ebonstone Golems, and Infinite Timereavers

During your journey, you'll encounter Earthen Guardians who cast Blessing of Tyr, creating a bubble that buffs enemies within it. It's crucial for your tank to kite mobs out of this bubble since it cannot be interrupted. Keep an eye on Ebonstone Golems as they unleash Thunderous Clap, dealing AoE damage to the group. 


Additionally, Infinite Timereavers apply Stolen Time, reducing players' haste while increasing their own. Dispel the magic debuff on players, and stun the Timereavers to prevent them from refreshing the debuff. A well-timed stun can reset the stacks.


Chrono-Lord Deios

Chrono-Lord Deio is the last boss of the dungeon. There was a lot of group damage during this encounter. Time Sink is a magic debuff being applied to random players doing ticking damage, and Wing Buffet is AoE damage and a knockback. Periodically, the boss will spawn Temporal Zones on the ground. If you stand in them during his normal phase, you will get a 30% haste reduction. But if you stand in the Temporal Zones during Rewind Timeflow, you gain a 50% haste buff. 


Use them to your advantage and save your offensive CDs for the first rewind to stack the haste buff with any other cooldowns you have to increase your damage potential. After the rewind, the boss goes back to the normal phase and repeats this cycle throughout the fight.



Congratulations on completing the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Mythic Dungeon! Remember to communicate and coordinate with your team, assigning interrupts and defensive cooldowns where necessary. Stay vigilant and be prepared for the unique mechanics and threats posed by each encounter, such as dodging ground effects, managing to enrage buffs, and utilizing stun abilities at crucial moments.

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