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How to Efficient to Farm ESO Materials in 2023?

Acquiring ESO materials for crafting purposes is a common concern among players in 2023. Many wonders where to farm specific materials or which locations are best suited for gathering certain items. While farming for materials can be effective, it is important to understand that ESO offers alternative methods, such as purchasing materials with gold. This guide aims to shed light on the most efficient strategies for obtaining materials in ESO, debunking some misconceptions about farming, and offering alternative gold making techniques.


How to Efficient to Farm ESO Materials in 2023?


A Common Misconception About Farming

Isolating a specific material and dedicating efforts to farm it may not be the most efficient strategy in ESO. The node and drop system in the game only guarantees valuable materials upon completing tasks or farming specific areas.


Nodes can yield various items, and farming a particular type of node does not guarantee the desired material. Instead of solely focusing on farming for specific materials, it is often more effective to engage in activities that offer greater financial rewards. By earning gold and using it to purchase desired materials, players can save time and maximize efficiency.


Let's Test Something Out

To illustrate the inefficiency of solely farming for specific materials, an experiment was conducted. One hour was spent farming Namira's Rot by scouring mushroom nodes, and another hour was dedicated to powdered farming mother of pearl at a Somerset geyser. These two hours were compared with two hours spent on other eso gold making activities to assess which strategy proved to be more resourceful and rewarding.


Farming for Namira's Rot in Blackreach

For the Namira's Rot farming experiment, Blackreach was chosen due to the abundance of mushroom nodes. However, it is worth noting that harvesting only mushroom nodes and ignoring other materials is not advisable, as it would result in missed opportunities for earning gold.


After one hour of farming, a total of 13 Namira's Rot was obtained. By selling other materials gathered during this time, approximately 111,680 gold was earned, which could then be used to purchase around 398 Namira's Rot. In total, 411 Namira's Rot could be obtained by utilizing the gold earned from other activities.


Farming for Pearls in Summerset

To farm powdered mother of pearl, multiple options were explored, including attacking geysers in Somerset, fishing in Summerset, and searching for giant clams on the beaches. After one hour of farming geysers, no powdered mother of pearl was obtained. However, fishing and participating in geyser-related activities allowed for additional materials to be acquired. With the gold earned from these activities, nine powdered mothers of pearl could be purchased.


Alternative Gold-Making Strategies

Engaging in various gold-making activities for two hours proved to be more fruitful compared to dedicated farming for specific materials. Activities such as item flipping, completing valuable daily quests, running dungeons for motifs, and other activities that passively generate gold proved to be more efficient in terms of earning gold and subsequently purchasing desired materials.


Comparing the Results

In the two hours spent on various gold making activities, approximately 310,432 gold was earned. With this amount, 554 Namira's Rot and 31 powdered mothers of pearl could be purchased. Although direct farming might provide immediate results, the passive ESO gold earning methods allowed for greater quantities of materials to be obtained through purchasing. It is important to consider the time spent and the quantity of materials obtained when deciding on the most efficient approach.


Note: If you enjoy traditional farming methods, there are guides available that provide farming routes and strategies. However, it's essential to understand the trade-off between farming and engaging in other gold-making activities. By adopting a balanced approach, you can optimize your ESO experience and acquire the desired materials effectively.



While farming can be enjoyable for some players, it is essential to consider the efficiency and time spent when trying to acquire specific materials in ESO. Instead of solely relying on farming, players are encouraged to explore alternative strategies such as engaging in gold.

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