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Diablo 4 Guide: Imporant Tips for Successful Strong start on launch

Diablo 4's highly anticipated launch is just around the corner, and if you're lucky enough to have early access like me, I want to share my top five tips from my experience in both betas. These tips will help you get a head start and make a strong start on launch day.

Diablo 4 Guide: Imporant Tips for Successful Strong start on launch


Take Advantage of Campaign Quests

While it's no surprise that the campaign will be the primary objective for many players aiming to progress quickly, there's an interesting aspect to consider. In the beta, after completing the tutorial, players gained access to three separate quests: Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. These quests scaled to the player's level, with the highest level being 25 in the beta. However, it's worth noting that some quests can start at lower levels, allowing you to tackle them earlier than expected. By rushing through the campaign and utilizing these early quests, you can potentially level up faster without having to rely solely on dungeons or renown. Keep an eye out for this opportunity in the full game, assuming Acts 4, 5, and 6 follow a similar pattern.


Find Aspects That Complement Your Build

Aspects play a crucial role in enhancing your character's power. During the beta, we had a glimpse of certain aspects from Fractured Peaks, but the full game will offer a wide variety of aspects from different areas of the map. To have an overpowered build early on, it's important to identify aspects that synergize with your build. This means you should have a build in mind before seeking out these aspects. Once you find a suitable aspect, equip it on your amulet to significantly increase your damage output. Offensive aspects are especially beneficial for boosting your damage. Look for guides and resources online to discover the legendary aspects available and plan accordingly.


Pick Up Side Quests for Additional Rewards

If you're familiar with MMOs, you know the value of side quests. In Diablo 4, it's highly recommended to pick up every side quest you can until your quest log is full (up to 20 quests, based on the beta). During the beta, it was possible to overlap side quests with the main storyline, providing additional benefits. By completing side quests in the areas you traverse, you may trigger special events or find monsters dropping items related to those quests. This approach allows you to gain extra renown for each area, which is crucial for obtaining skill points early on. Since skill points are relatively scarce in the early game, taking advantage of these side quests will give you a significant boost.


Salvage Instead of Selling

Diablo 4 gold and crafting materials are essential for various activities, such as upgrading gear and extracting legendary aspects. While weapons and armor you find may sell for a modest amount of gold, it's often more beneficial to salvage them for crafting materials. Especially in the early levels (from level 1 to around level 6), salvaging yields a more significant amount of crafting materials compared to selling. Crafting materials are important for gear upgrades and other crafting needs. As you progress and unlock higher rarity drops, you'll have access to more valuable items to salvage. Consider selling some surplus items later in the game if you find yourself in need of gold, but prioritize salvaging for crafting materials initially.


Play Your Own Way

This tip might seem obvious, but it's essential to emphasize: play the game in a way that brings you joy. While some players prefer following guides and optimizing their progress, others enjoy a more casual and exploratory approach. It's crucial not to burn out by trying to keep up with others if that's not your preferred playstyle. Diablo 4 offers a rich and immersive experience, and you should engage with it in a way that suits you best. Whether you seek guidance or prefer to discover things on your own, embrace the gameplay that brings you the most enjoyment.


Remember, Diablo 4 is about having fun and immersing yourself in an epic adventure. These tips are meant to assist those who seek guidance but feel free to adapt them to your playstyle or disregard them entirely. Enjoy the game, and may your journey in Sanctuary be filled with thrilling encounters and legendary loot!

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