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Why Avoid Imprinting Diablo 4 Legendary Powers on Main Weapon When Early Leveling?

In Diablo 4 Early Leveling, one of the biggest mistakes you can make while leveling up, especially on your first playthrough, is imprinting a legendary power on your main weapon. This mistake can be costly and hinder your progress. Let's delve into why this is the case and how you can avoid it.

Why Avoid Imprinting Diablo 4 Legendary Powers on Main Weapon When Early Leveling?


Understanding Imprinting Legendary Powers

In Diablo 4, the Codex of Power system allows you to unlock legendary powers tied to specific dungeons. These powers can be imprinted or placed on the yellow or legendary items you wear. Each dungeon corresponds to a particular legendary power that may apply to all classes or a specific class.


The Trap of Imprinting on Your Main Weapon

It may seem logical to imprint offensive legendary powers on your main weapon, such as a two-handed staff for a sorcerer. After all, two-handed weapons receive double the bonus from offensive powers, while amulets receive a 1.5 times bonus, and rings and gloves receive a normal bonus.


The issue arises when you consider the importance of gold in Diablo 4. Imprinting and respecting come at a cost, especially for your first character. Diablo 4 Gold holds significant value in the game, and Blizzard intends to maintain its importance.


The Problem with Imprinting on Your Main Weapon

When you imprint a power on your main weapon, let's say at level 20, it may initially appear advantageous. However, as you progress, you will find higher-level weapons that offer significantly more damage. Now you face a dilemma: your new weapon hits harder but lacks the power you imprinted. So, you may choose to discard the level 20 staff, re-imprint the power on the new staff, and pay the cost in gold.


However, this cycle repeats as you find better weapons every few levels. If you make the mistake of imprinting on your weapon multiple times, you will have wasted a substantial amount of gold. By the time you realize the mistake, it might be too late to recover the lost gold.


A Smarter Approach: Imprint Defensive Aspects

To avoid the gold drain and maximize your leveling efficiency, it's advisable to imprint defensive aspects on your gear rather than your main weapon. Defensive powers, such as the best one you can find, can be imprinted on your amulet. Amulets offer a 1.5 times bonus and can serve you well from level 10 to level 50. Rings and gloves can also be used to imprint defensive powers.


While it would be nice to have better rings and gloves, they are not as crucial as your weapon. So, it's more cost-effective to imprint defensive powers on these items. This way, you can focus on upgrading your weapon regularly without worrying about re-imprinting and losing gold.


Exception for Dual-Wielding Classes

There is an exception when playing classes like the rogue or barbarian, where you have two weapons equipped. If you are using a two-handed bow or a two-handed bludgeoning weapon, you can imprint offensive powers on a secondary weapon that complements your main weapon's damage. However, always ensure that your primary weapon, the one you use for dealing damage, can be easily replaced.



When leveling up in Diablo 4, avoid imprinting legendary powers on your main weapon. Instead, imprint defensive aspects on your amulet, rings, and gloves. This approach preserves your gold and allows you to regularly upgrade your weapon without incurring additional costs. By understanding this crucial aspect of the game, you can make smarter decisions and progress more efficiently in Diablo 4.

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