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World of Warcraft Specs: Which are worth your pick in Patch 10.1?

Do you need help deciding which spec to play in World of Warcraft this season? Do you want a guide to help you make the right choice? Look no further! We have extensively researched and tested various specs to bring you our top picks for the best and most enjoyable specs. Whether you're a tank, melee DPS, ranged DPS, or healer, we've got you covered. Read on to discover our recommendations for Patch 10.1!



World of Warcraft Specs: Which are worth your pick in Patch 10.1?


Our Criteria

To determine the best specs, we considered several factors.

  • First, the spec had to be generally regarded as at least a tier in raiding and mythic+. We want you to be able to find groups and feel confident about your abilities easily.
  • Second, the spec needed to be accessible and straightforward to pick up and play. Most players will have more fun when they can relax and focus on mechanics rather than complex rotations.
  • Third, we looked for specs that bring more than just high numbers. With WoW's recent fight designs emphasizing utility, we wanted specs that could excel in providing support, interrupting, stunning, and making a positive impact on group success.
  • Lastly, fun was a key consideration. We focused on the satisfying, impactful spells and abilities that make the gameplay experience enjoyable and immersive.


Class/Spec 1: Paladin (Protection)

Protection Paladin, particularly the Protection spec, takes the top spot on our list. Not only are they extremely durable, but they also excel in dealing with damage. Playing as a prot paladin provides a sense of security and versatility that is unmatched. They can mitigate all types of damage, dispel harmful effects, boost their maximum health, and even provide off-healing to themselves and their allies.

World of Warcraft Protection Paladin Screenshot

With powerful abilities like Avenger's Shield and Divine Toll, prot paladins can effortlessly handle groups of enemies and be the go-to tank in Mythic+ dungeons. While they may lack mobility, their reliable toolkit makes up for it, making them an excellent choice for players seeking a straightforward and satisfying tanking experience.


Class/Spec 2: Shaman (Enhancement)

Enhancement shamans claim the second spot on our list. Although they may not currently rank as the top performers, they have a lot to offer. The fantasy of being a spellcasting melee fighter is realized with enhancement shamans. They possess excellent burst moments, strong off-healing capabilities, and a wide range of totems to assist the group.

World of Warcraft Enhancement Shaman Screenshot

With the right build, enhancement shamans can unleash devastating area-of-effect damage and contribute significantly to single-target encounters. While they may not be as defensively stacked as some other melee DPS classes, clever use of abilities such as Astral Shift and Ghost Wolf can mitigate their relative squishiness.


Runner-Up 1 & State of Melee

Unholy death knights are worth mentioning as a runner-up in the melee DPS category. They have seen significant success, especially with their defensive abilities like Anti-Magic Shell and Death Grip. However, enhancement shamans offer a unique gameplay experience with their spellcasting-melee hybrid design. Outlaw rogues and retribution paladins also deserve recognition for their solid performance and enjoyable playstyles.


Class/Spec 3: Warlock (Destruction)

When it comes to ranged DPS, Destruction Warlocks emerge as one of the best options. While demonology warlocks have higher potential, destruction warlocks provide a simpler yet incredibly fun playstyle. They offer top-tier damage output and excel in both area-of-effect and single-target encounters.

World of Warcraft Destruction Warlock Screenshot

The ability to unleash chaos bolts and the flexibility of demonic circles make destruction warlocks a joy to play. Additionally, their summoning stone ability saves time for the entire group, making them valuable asset in any team.


Class/Spec 4: Shaman (Restoration)

For healers, Restoration Shamans stand out as an excellent choice. Their passive damage output, coupled with chain lightning and Acid Rain, allows them to contribute meaningful damage while focusing on healing and utility.

World of Warcraft Restoration Shaman Screenshot

With abilities like Wind Shear for interrupting, cleansing totems, and powerful healing cooldowns, restoration shamans offer exceptional group support. Despite having limited defensive options, their overall toolkit is easy to understand and provides opportunities for improvement and optimization.



Overall, the guide offers a comprehensive overview of the top specs in Patch 10.1, considering their effectiveness, accessibility, utility, and fun factor. Whether players prefer tanking, melee DPS, ranged DPS, or healing, the article provides valuable insights to help them make an informed decision and enjoy their gameplay experience in World of Warcraft.

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