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How to Kill OSRS Vorkath with Relatively Low Stats?

Old School Runescape Vorkath's lair is located on Ungael, an island accessible via various means, including the use of Fremennik sea boots or teleportation methods. Once inside the lair, players will face a barrage of powerful attacks from Vorkath. These attacks include venomous strikes, freezing attacks that summon minions, fiery explosions, and acid rain. Each attack requires a specific response from the player to minimize damage and maintain an advantage in the battle. We will go to show you how to kill Vorkath with relatively low stats. While higher stats are preferred, we can still manage just fine. 

How to Kill OSRS Vorkath with Relatively Low Stats?



  • Melee: 80+ in all combat stats
  • Range: 80+ range level
  • Magic: Level 39 magic for casting Crumble Undead


Equipment Setup

Best in slot melee gear with a few adjustments

  • Zamorakian hasta (stab weapon)
  • Serpentine helm (provides poison immunity) or Antidote potion
  • Salve amulet (e) for undead boss
  • Dragonfire shield (fighting a dragon)


  • Divine super combat potion
  • Extended super antifire potion
  • 2 Prayer potions
  • Dark crabs (food)
  • Dramen staff to reach Vorkath
  • Slayer staff with auto-cast Crumble Undead
  • Disable auto retaliate and enable Crumble Undead
  • Set up quick prayers for magic protection or Range with Rigor
  • Teleport house tab for a quick escape


Getting to Vorkath

The best way to reach Vorkath is by using Fremennik sea boots. Right-click the boots in your inventory to teleport (requires completing the hard diary). If you don't have the boots, use the old-fashioned method by traveling through the Fremennik Province to reach Vorkath's island.


The Fight

Drink your extended super antifire and divine super combat potions.

Initiate the fight by attacking Vorkath.

Basic attacks: Ignore the poison attack. Occasionally, Vorkath will hit hard with melee, but you don't need to pray against it.

Special attacks:

  • Fire Bomb: Move two spaces in any direction to avoid the attack.
  • Freeze and Summon Minion: When frozen, switch to the Slayer staff and left-click to instantly kill the minion. Avoid letting it touch you as it deals significant damage.
  • Acid Rain: Disable your run and walk back and forth to avoid the acid pools until it ends. Eat as needed.

If Vorkath deactivates your prayers with a purple breath, reactivate them immediately.

Continue the fight, adjusting your strategy based on Vorkath's attacks.

Keep an eye out for loot drops, including guaranteed drops worth 50k for each kill.

If you die, there is no gravestone, so make sure to right-click Gale to collect your gear for a fee.



Killing Vorkath can earn a lot of OSRS GP and Items, especially with the guaranteed drops and the possibility of getting rare items like the Vorki pet, draconic visage, or skeletal visage. Remember to adjust your strategy based on Vorkath's attacks and make use of your supplies wisely.

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