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Old School RuneScape Underrated Training Methods Guides

In Old School RuneScape, there are countless training methods available for players to improve their skills and progress in the game. Over time, certain methods have become popular and widely known, while others have been overlooked and forgotten. However, hidden among the well-known methods are some underrated training techniques that offer unique benefits and opportunities for players. In this guide, we will explore a few of these underrated training methods that deserve more attention. Whether you're looking for efficient experience gains, decent profits, or a different approach to training, these methods might just surprise you with their effectiveness. So, let's dive in and discover some hidden gems in the world of OSRS training!

Old School RuneScape Underrated Training Methods Guides


Training with the Venator Bow

The Venator Bow is a new ranged weapon that excels at killing Abyssal Demons. Its unique ability to ricochet arrows and aggro new demons makes it a highly effective AFK training method. To use the Venator Bow, you'll need 85 Ranged and it's a relatively expensive item. Equip gear that prioritizes ranged attack, damage, and prayer bonuses. Consider using the Ash Sanctifier to auto-bury abyssal ashes. This method offers a decent range and prayer experience, along with good OSRS GP profits from Abyssal Whip drops.


Zen Theme Construction and Farming

Building Zen Themes in your Player-Owned House (POH) provides construction and farming experience simultaneously. To start, you need 65 Construction and level 1 Farming. Acquire an untradable Pink Dye by completing the Hand in the Sand quest. Purchase Bagged Nice Trees from the garden center shop in Falador Park. Bring a watering can, buckets of sand, and house teleport tabs. Build Zen Themes in your POH, earning nearly 500 experience in both construction and farming per the theme. With focus, you can gain around 150,000 experience per hour in both skills, making it a cost-effective method.


Cutting Blisterwood Trees

After completing the Sins of the Father quest, you unlock the ability to cut Blisterwood Trees. These trees never disappear and provide a consistent woodcutting experience. While you may get interrupted by spiders, the experience rates are competitive, offering approximately 65,000 experience per hour at level 62 Woodcutting.


Stealing from Stone Chests in the Lizardman Temple

Stealing from Stone Chests in the Lizardman Temple is a well-rounded method, offering experience, money, and opportunities for clue scroll completions. Bring a lockpick, a full Graceful outfit, and optionally, a farming cape or skills necklace for quick banking. Stealing from the chests can yield medium clue scrolls, providing additional rewards. This method offers around 150,000 experience per hour, and if you focus on completing clue scrolls, you can earn decent profits.


Shayzien Agility Course

The Shayzien Agility Course is a recently added course offering good experience rates at a lower level. You can start the advanced version of the course at 48 Agility and gain up to 28,000 experience per hour. While you don't earn Marks of Grace here, it's a great option for quickly leveling up agility in the mid-level range.


These underrated training methods provide unique benefits and can be an enjoyable alternative to the more popular methods. Explore these options based on your skill levels and preferences to maximize your training efficiency and overall gameplay experience in OSRS.

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