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OSRS Underrated Making Gold with Bagged Plants Guides

Looking for a Gold-making method in Old School RuneScape that doesn't require any specific stats? Look no further! In this guide, we'll explore an underrated method that involves buying and selling bagged plants. While you'll need some starting capital, there are no specific skill requirements for this method. So, let's dive in and discover how you can turn a profit with bagged plants in OSRS.

OSRS Underrated Making Gold with Bagged Plants Guides


Getting Started

To begin this money-making method, you'll need some initial funds to invest in buying bagged plants. Head over to the farmer girl located in various locations in the game world. While technically this method doesn't require specific stats, you may need some minimum stats to access the farmer shop.


Selecting the Right Bagged Plants

Not all bagged plants are profitable for this method, so it's important to choose the right ones. One highly recommended option is Bag Plant 1. It has a reasonable level requirement for use in player-owned houses and has good demand on the Grand Exchange (GE). Currently, it sells for around 1.57k, with a cost of 1k OSRS GP each.


Executing the Method

With your starting capital, begin buying Bag Plant 1 from the farmer girl's shop. Purchase as many as you can afford and head to the GE to sell them. The goal is to find a balance between buying in bulk and making a profit per item.


Using the GE to Sell

At the Grand Exchange, list your bagged plants for sale at a competitive price. Consider checking the current trading prices and aim to sell them close to that value. Bag Plant 1 has a good daily turnover, meaning there is consistent demand for these items.


Tracking Your Profit

After a set period, such as five minutes, assess how many bagged plants you were able to buy and sell. Calculate your profit by subtracting the initial cost of the plants from the selling price. Multiply that profit by 12 to estimate the hourly profit potential. Keep in mind that the profitability may vary based on market fluctuations.



Let's say you spend 116k GP buying bagged plants and sell them for 187K GP. This results in a profit of 72K GP within five minutes. Multiplying this by 12 gives an estimated profit of 863K GP per hour.



The bagged plant's money-making method in OSRS provides an underrated and relatively effortless way to make money. With no specific stat requirements, you can start earning a profit by buying and selling bagged plants. Although the exact profit may fluctuate based on market conditions, this method has the potential to yield around 650k-850k GP per hour. Give it a try and enjoy the profits while spending minimal effort in the process.

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