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Diablo 4 Endgame Class Tier List: Analyzing Damage and Defenses

In this guide, we will discuss how the classes in Diablo 4 stack up at the endgame. While we have primarily focused on the damage output of the classes so far, it is important to consider their defenses as well. As the difficulty increases, surviving enemy attacks becomes crucial. Let's dive into the tier list based on the available information.



Diablo 4 Endgame Class Tier List: Analyzing Damage and Defenses


B Tier: Necromancer

The Necromancer is expected to have high damage potential, especially during the early stages of the game. However, when it comes to survivability, the Necromancer falls behind. With relatively low damage reduction and limited crowd control options, the Necromancer can be easily overwhelmed by enemies. While certain Diablo 4 builds such as the Blood Overpower or Corpse Explosion builds can provide some survivability, overall, the Necromancer lacks the necessary defenses for the hardest endgame content.


A Tier: Rogue, Sorceress

The Rogue and Sorceress both belong to the squishy classes, but they offer different strengths and weaknesses. The Rogue provides excellent damage output, decent area-of-effect clarity, and good survivability options. With skills that heal based on critical strikes and easy access to unstoppable through concealment, the Rogue can withstand enemy attacks. However, its limited crowd control abilities may pose challenges in certain situations.


On the other hand, the Sorceress excels in crowd control and area-of-effect damage. With fire, lightning, and ice builds the Sorceress can immobilize, stun, or freeze enemies effectively. The Sorceress has a good amount of damage reduction in the skill tree and can generate barriers with the ice build. However, when facing single targets or bosses, the Sorceress might struggle due to their higher chance of getting hit.


S Tier: Barbarian, Druid

The Barbarian and Druid are the top contenders in terms of endgame strength. The Barbarian, despite starting off weaker, scales incredibly well as you progress. With four weapons providing additional stats, the Barbarian's damage output can be ridiculous. Moreover, the Barbarian boasts an impressive 106% damage reduction in its skill tree, making survivability less of an issue. The Barbarian shines in late-game content and is a force to be reckoned with.


However, the Druid surpasses even the Barbarian in terms of survivability and damage potential. Although the Druid may face a tougher time during the early stages of the game, once it reaches level 50 and unlocks its full potential, it becomes an unstoppable tank. With a staggering 196% damage reduction on paper, numerous mechanics for fortifying, and a debilitating roar, which reduces enemy damage and slows their action speed, the Druid is a nightmare for enemies. It also offers substantial damage output, especially with certain skill synergies.



It's important to note that these rankings are based on the available information and are subject to change as the game develops. Remember to choose a class that aligns with your playstyle and preferences, as enjoyment is paramount. Class balance adjustments may occur in the future, potentially altering the effectiveness of each class.

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