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Most Efficient way to earn OSRS Gold at revenants Guides

In this guide, we will be testing three different setups for revenants in Old School RuneScape to determine which one yields the highest amount of gold per hour. The setups we will be testing are the scalded setup, unscalded setup, and a high-risk setup. Our primary focus will be on the number of kills we can accumulate at the revenant dragons within a three-hour period. Let's dive into the details and find out the most efficient way to earn OSRS gold at revenants.

Most Efficient way to earn OSRS Gold at revenants Guides


Setup and Risks

For our test, we will be using specific gear setups and supplies. The risk for the scalded setup is 30 million gold if we get smited, and 2.6 million gold if we don't. The unscalded setup carries no risk, and the high-risk setup puts us at a potential loss of 500 million gold if not smited, and 1.2 billion gold if smited. We aim to freeze, walk under, and switch worlds if a player killer (PKer) attacks us. However, if our supplies are significantly depleted, we may have to retreat. It's worth noting that the longer we stay at revenants, the higher the potential rewards due to the risk we are taking.


Scalded Setup

The scalded setup offers moderate risk and reasonable rewards. The idea behind this setup is to minimize the time wasted on escaping PKers by tanking their attacks and teleporting out. However, this setup requires careful play and knowledge of single-way combat to avoid being smited. The scalded setup allows us to stay at revenants for an extended period, maximizing our potential profits.


Unscalded Setup

The unscalded setup carries no risk of losing items upon death. It allows us to focus solely on killing revenant dragons without worrying about PKers. This setup offers the advantage of uninterrupted farming and eliminates the need for constant escapes. However, trips with this setup may not last as long due to inventory limitations.


High-Risk Setup

The high-risk setup involves risking a substantial amount of wealth, with the potential for high rewards. This setup assumes a greater risk of encountering PKers due to the significant value of the gear and supplies we carry. However, if successful, the high-risk setup can result in substantial profits. It's essential to note that the wilderness weapons significantly affect the viability of high-risk setups due to their superior stats compared to other weapons.


Test Results

After three hours of testing, the unscalded setup and the scalded setup yielded similar results. Both setups provided approximately 11 million gold in profit, with 407 kills for the unscalded setup and 382 kills for the scalded setup. The high-risk setup, while carrying more risk, resulted in slightly lower profits, generating around 10.1 million gold with 371 kills.


Analysis and Recommendations

The dominance of wilderness weapons creates an imbalance between gear setups, making supporting gear less impactful. We suggest introducing an upgrade to the Amulet of Avarice. This upgraded version, the Amulet of Avarice Imbued, would retain all the properties of the standard amulet but also provide a passive effect that doubles the strength bonus of non-weapon gear. This change would emphasize the importance of every piece of armor and enhance DPS potential based on the player's risk tolerance.



In our test, the unscalded setup emerged as the most efficient method for maximizing gold per hour at revenants. However, the scalded setup remains a close contender. The high-risk setup, while carrying more potential rewards, proved less lucrative. 

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