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OSRS Tithe Farm Update Guide: Maximizing Rewards and Farming XP

Welcome back to OSRS guide. Today, we're diving into the exciting Tithe Farm update introduced by Jagex. This update brings significant changes to the game, including the addition of seed and herb boxes to the reward shop. In this guide, we'll explore the new features, explain how to make the most of the update, and provide tips to optimize your farming experience. 

OSRS Tithe Farm Update Guide: Maximizing Rewards and Farming XP


Instanced and Solo Farming

One of the most significant improvements is the tithe farm becoming instanced and solo. Previously, players had to deal with griefers and world-hopping, but now you can enjoy the mini-game without any interruptions. This change makes the experience more enjoyable and efficient for all players, especially ironmen.


Increased Points and Seed Capacity

With the update, you can now earn more points and earn them more frequently. For every three plants you turn in, you receive one point. Additionally, for every 100 plants turned in, you receive an additional two points. This allows you to accumulate points faster, enabling quicker access to rewards.

Moreover, the seed capacity has been significantly increased. Previously limited to 100 seeds, you can now bring up to 10,000 seeds with you. This change is a game-changer for maximizing your farming efficiency and saving time on refilling seeds.


Enhanced Blessings and Herb Boxes

The number of blessings received upon purchasing has doubled. Previously 10, you now receive 20 blessings, which is excellent news for Ironman accounts. Additionally, the update introduces herb boxes to the reward shop, priced at 30 points each. These boxes provide a convenient way to obtain valuable herbs for your herblore training or for sale.


Tithe Farm Mechanics

Tithe Farm is a fast-paced and repetitive mini-game where you plant and tend to seeds to grow crops. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the mechanics:

  • Planting and Watering: Plant a seed and water it repeatedly until all plants are harvested. Each growth stage requires watering to prevent them from dying.
  • Avoiding Crop Death: If you're not quick enough, the crops can die. However, with the increased seed capacity, losing a few plants won't greatly impact your progress.
  • Harvesting: Once the crops reach their harvestable stage, collect the produce. Be diligent in harvesting as crops left uncollected can also die.
  • Earning Points: Deposit the harvested produce into the sack to gain farming experience and points. The number of points received depends on the amount deposited.


Optimizing Your Tithe Farming Experience

To make the most of the Tithe Farm update, here are some tips to optimize your farming experience:

  • Bring extra watering cans: As the mini-game is click-intensive, having extra watering cans ensures you won't run out of water and risk crop death. Consider bringing five or six additional cans.
  • Log out without losing progress: With the new instance system, you can log out and retain your progress in the mini-game. This feature allows you to take breaks or resume farming at your convenience.
  • Stock up on seeds and resources: To minimize the need for frequent collection trips, gather a large quantity of salt, seeds, and other necessary items in advance.
  • Experiment with different crop quantities: Find the balance between planting more crops for faster progression and avoiding excessive losses due to limited time.



The OSRS Tithe Farm update brings exciting changes, making farming more accessible and rewarding. The instanced and solo gameplay eliminates interruptions from other players, and the increased points and seed capacity enable faster progression.

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