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SWTOR PVP Strategy: How to Dominate the Arena?

Welcome to our introduction to the PvP series! In this guide, we will discuss some tips and strategies to help you win more arenas in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Unlike war zones, arenas are all about intense combat and eliminating the enemy team. The team that secures the first kill often gains a significant advantage, making it crucial to focus on that objective. Let's dive into some key tips to improve your chances of victory.


SWTOR PVP Strategy: How to Dominate the Arena?


Pick Two Good Kill Targets

When entering an arena, it's crucial to select your kill targets wisely. Communicate with your team and decide on two targets to focus on. Why two? After eliminating the first target, you need to have a plan for the next one. By focusing your team's damage on a single enemy, you can quickly secure the first kill, gaining a numerical advantage.


Choose targets that pose a threat to your team and are relatively easy to kill. Avoid classes with strong defences or combat resets as your primary targets. By following this strategy, you can optimize your chances of securing early kills and gaining an advantage.


Communicate with Your Team

Effective communication is vital in PVP arenas. Share your target selection with your teammates through chat or target markers. Even after your death, you can provide valuable information to your team, such as enemy positions or cooldown usage.


Target markers can help your team coordinate their attacks and focus fire on the selected targets. Use lightsaber markers for the second target and crosshair markers for the first target. Clear and concise communication can make a significant difference in the outcome of an arena match.


Know Where You Want to Fight

Understanding the battlefield is essential for gaining an edge in arenas. Take note of your team composition and the enemy's abilities. Choose the location that best suits your team's strengths and counters the enemy's tactics.


For example, if you're playing a melee class and the enemy team has many knockbacks, avoid fighting in areas where you can be easily locked down. Utilize line-of-sight (LOS) boxes and favourable positioning to your advantage. By knowing where you want to fight, you can control the engagement and limit the enemy's options.


Get a Good Opener

A strong opener sets the tone for the entire arena match. Plan your opening moves based on your swtor class and the enemy's expected actions. Force the enemy team to fight on your terms by applying pressure from the start. Consider disrupting the enemy healer, forcing them to use defensive abilities early on.


Understanding your own game plan and countering the enemy's strategy will help you secure an advantage from the beginning. If you anticipate being the enemy team's first target, play defensively and let your teammates engage first.


Support Your Teammates

PVP is a team effort, and supporting your teammates can turn the tide of battle. Use your class abilities to provide heals, stuns, taunts, grenades, pulls, or buffs to your teammates when possible. Even though your primary focus is on your kill targets, assisting your teammates can prolong their survival and increase your chances of victory. Tanks should prioritize guard swapping and ensure it is placed on the most threatened teammate. Supporting your team enhances overall synergy and greatly contributes to success in arenas.


Playing vs Tank/Heal

Playing against tanks and healers requires a different strategy compared to targeting other classes. In general, tanks and healers make poor first targets due to their high durability and lower threat level. It is more effective to focus on eliminating enemy DPS first, securing a significant advantage even if it takes time to achieve. However, it can be viable to prioritize the healer as a secondary target to disrupt their ability to heal teammates.


When facing an enemy tank, it is important to consider their guard ability. Guard reduces the damage you deal by 5% to the target under its effect while also transferring 50% of the damage you deal to the tank. Killing a target through guard is challenging but not impossible, especially if they are already low on health. However, as a general rule, it is preferable to choose two targets and switch focus to the one not currently guarded.


Let's consider an example scenario where you are playing against an assassin, tank, power attacker (PT), and juggernaut. Your primary kill targets would be the PT and the Juggernaut. Initially, you open on the juggernaut, but if they receive guard from their tank, you should switch your attention to the power attacker. Since the tank cannot guard two people simultaneously, your goal is to try and eliminate both targets but prioritize the one without the guard.


Remember, the tank and healer are not immediate threats in terms of dealing with damage, but they provide support to their team. By disrupting the healer's ability to heal, you can increase your chances of successfully eliminating your primary kill targets.



PvP arenas require careful strategy and coordination to achieve victory. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can improve your chances of success. By applying these strategies and adapting to the specific situation, you can become a more formidable force in PvP arenas in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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