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Top 10 Methods to Make Gold in ESO | 2023

Gold is an essential resource in Elder Scrolls Online, used for purchasing gear, potions, food, enchantments, materials, and more. Whether you're a new player or a veteran, having a steady income of gold is crucial. In this guide, we will explore 10 different methods to grind for gold in ESO, starting from simple and casual methods and progressing to more complex strategies. Remember to find a method that you enjoy and can consistently pursue. While this guide provides a basic overview, there are many other ways to make gold.



Top 10 Methods to Make Gold in ESO | 2023


Method 1: Questing

Completing in-game quests is the easiest way to earn gold, although the rewards may be insignificant. During questing, you receive items that can be sold and directly earn gold. Look out for the Etheric Cipher, an incredibly rare item that can be looted from any enemy in the base game zones. It has a low drop rate but sells for six to seven million gold. Keep questing and save up your profits for future expenses like gear upgrades.


Method 2: Gathering

Gathering materials like herbs, ores, and wood is a great way to start making gold. You can sell these items raw or refine them into higher-quality materials like sanded planks, ingots, and textiles. Ensure your crafting rank is high enough and have the Meticulous Disassembly champion ability unlocked and slotted for better chances of obtaining valuable resins, tempers, tannins, and platings.


Alternatively, you can sell the materials unfinished for a slightly higher price per item, allowing the buyer to take their chances at obtaining valuable enhancements. Consider using add-ons like Harvest Map to optimize your farming route and save time. Additionally, there is a small chance to loot the rare Ethereal Dust while gathering in base game zones, which can be sold for 770,000 gold.


Method 3: Fishing

Fishing is a personal favourite for casual gold-making. With the Angler's Instincts skill and either the Pickled Fish Bowl or a friend's help, you can gather various types of fish, including rare ones and furnishing items. You can sell these fish to merchants or to a guild trader. Filleting normal fish gives you a chance to obtain Perfect Roe, used in high-level provisioning recipes.


Selling unfilleted fish as they are can fetch a higher price per fish, allowing the buyer to take the risk of filleting them. Perfect Roe can sell for around 80,000 gold on the PC-NA server at the time of recording. Use the Harvest Map add-on and Votan's Fish Fillet to make your fishing experience more efficient.


Method 4: Crafting

Crafting encompasses various aspects like armour, weapons, jewellery, food, enchanting, and alchemy. Start by creating gear sets that are in high demand and sell them for a profit. Order's Wrath is a good set to begin with, as it is only readily available to some. Other sets like Daedric Trickery, New Moon Acolyte, and Heartland Conqueror are also popular choices. Craft unique styles, and add max-level enchantments and popular traits to increase your item's value. Keep an eye on market trends, as demand for sets can shift with new updates.


Additionally, potion and poison making, provisioning, and enchanting can be profitable if you monitor the market and farm your own materials. Daily crafting writs are another simple way to earn gold. Please pick up the quests on the crafting board, complete them, and turn them in for a chance to receive rare materials and master writs, which can be sold or completed for additional gold.


Method 5: Housing

While furniture pieces and decorations primarily fall under farming and crafting, there are hidden gold opportunities in the housing market. Some furniture items or patterns can be looted, crafted, and sold for a profit. Moreover, certain homes include basic items that can be sold individually for more than the cost of the house itself. For example, the Dark Elf Bed of Coals from Kragenhome can be sold for approximately 500,000 gold, while the house costs only 69,000 gold. Explore different homes, preview their included items, and research their prices at Tamriel Trade Centre. Some specific furniture and housing items like


Method 6: Stealing

Stealing is a fun and active method of making gold. You can sneak around and pickpocket NPCs, steal items from safes and lockboxes, and then sell them to fences for profit. This method is ideal for players who enjoy immersive gameplay. Joining role-playing guilds focused on thievery can enhance your experience and provide opportunities to learn from experienced players.


Method 7: Motif Farming

Motif farming involves collecting rare crafting motifs that can be sold for high prices. These motifs can be obtained from dungeons, trials, overland zones, and certain events. Focus on completing veteran and hard-mode content to increase your chances of obtaining valuable motifs.


Keep an eye on new DLC releases, as motifs from these zones tend to have higher value initially. Some motifs are tied to specific NPCs or quests, so explore thoroughly and search for treasure chests to increase your chances of finding them.


Method 8: Writ Vouchers

Completing master writs can be a lucrative way to earn gold. Master writs can be obtained by turning in daily crafting writs or purchasing them from guild traders. By completing master writs, you earn writ vouchers that can be spent on valuable items such as crafting stations, blueprints, motifs, and more. Consider selling these items for profit or learning the blueprints yourself to create expensive items to sell.


Method 9: PvP

Engaging in player-versus-player (PvP) activities can also be a rewarding way to earn gold. By participating in PvP battles, you earn alliance points or telvar, which can be converted into gold. In Cyrodiil, you can purchase gear sets or valuable items using alliance points. Telvar can be farmed in the Imperial City but requires caution as you can lose telvar if defeated in PvP. Daily battlegrounds can also provide reward boxes containing valuable items that can be sold.


Method 10: Buying Gold

Converting real-world currency into ESO gold is a common method, but it comes with risks. Selling crowns, the in-game currency, to other players can provide a quick way to earn gold. However, be cautious when engaging in such transactions to avoid scams. Look for reputable exchanges and ensure your safety during the ESO gold trade.


Bonus Methods

  • Participate in the marketplace as an intermediary, buying low and selling high in guild stores or by focusing on specific items in demand.
  • Farm world bosses and public dungeon bosses for specific gear pieces that players may want to buy.
  • Craft sets that are exclusive to certain DLCs or zones and sell them to players who don't have access to those areas.



Elder Scrolls Online offers a variety of methods to make gold. Whether you prefer simple and casual approaches or more complex strategies, there are options available for players of all levels and playstyles. Explore these different methods and find the ones that align with your playstyle and goals to establish a steady income of gold in ESO.

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