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Diablo 4 Guide: Methods for Gold, Experience, and Legendaries

Welcome to our comprehensive Diablo 4 guide! In this article, we will share numerous tricks, tips, and methods to help you acquire more Diablo 4 gold, experience, and legendaries in the game. Please note that some of these methods may be fixed or nerfed by the time of the game's launch, but we'll still provide them for your benefit. 

Diablo 4 Guide: Methods for Gold, Experience, and Legendaries


Method 1: Selling Legendary Aspects for More Gold

Interesting method to increase your gold earnings when selling items. Normally, selling weapons grants more gold than other gears, and legendaries sell for more than rares and magical items. However, you can take this a step further by extracting the legendary aspects from legendary gear at the Oculus. Surprisingly, these extracted aspects can be sold for even more gold than the original selling price of the legendary item.

This method allows you to earn additional gold and can be considered a form of arbitrage. Just be aware that extracting legendaries also costs gold. If this method remains unaltered at launch, it can provide a significant boost of around 16K gold when selling legendaries.


Method 2: Multiple Characters for Increased Legendary Drops

To increase your chances of finding more legendaries, you can create multiple characters and clear the tutorial for Act 1 on each of them. Once you reach the world boss spawn location, log into one of your previously cleared characters. If the boss is still alive, you'll have an opportunity to defeat it again and receive additional loot.

This method allows you to accumulate more legendaries, especially considering the weekly reward cache obtained from clearing the world boss for the first time per week. Remember to keep valuable legendaries for your main character or extract their aspects for extra gold.


Method 3: Bonus Experience and AFK Farming

To maximize your experience gain, consider crafting elixirs that provide a 5% bonus experience for 30 minutes. Additionally, grouping with a friend grants a 10% bonus experience as you clear content together. Another lesser-known method involves visiting the campfire in the Stronghold, where you can quickly accumulate a 15-stack of bonus experience, equivalent to 15 minutes of increased experience. Utilize this method while progressing through Act 1 and teleport back to the Stronghold if you're in Act 2 to obtain another 15-stack. These tactics help you level up faster.


For AFK farming and increased legendary drops, take advantage of Diablo 4's loot recovery system. When a legendary drops, it will appear as a golden star on the mini-map. Instead of immediately picking it up, you can stand at the dungeon entrance while a friend clears the dungeon. If you don't pick up the legendaries or get disconnected, the loot recovery system will automatically store them in your stash in town. While this method requires further testing, it allows you to potentially accumulate legendaries even while AFK. Combining this with scaled monster levels in dungeons, higher-level characters can benefit from lower-level dungeon runs.



We hope this guide has provided you with valuable tips and methods for acquiring more gold, experience, and legendaries in Diablo 4. Remember to adapt these strategies based on the changes implemented in the game's launch version. Stay tuned for more articles covering the top meta builds, leveling tips, paragon tricks, event.

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