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Diablo 4 Melee Twisting Blades Starter Leveling Rogue Build Guide

Hi everyone, We will bringing you a leveling guide for the Rogue class in Diablo 4. The Rogue is an incredibly powerful and versatile class, and in this guide, We will show you how to optimize your leveling experience with the Twisting Blades build. This build focuses on melee combat and provides high damage output while also incorporating some defensive capabilities to keep you alive during your journey.

Diablo 4 Melee Twisting Blades Starter Leveling Rogue Build Guide


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Starting Abilities

At the start of the game, I recommend choosing the Puncture ability. Puncture is a ranged attack that can help you deal damage from a safe distance when necessary. It provides versatility and survivability. It's important to note that while many Rogue leveling builds focus solely on damage, we'll be including some defensive options in this guide to ensure your survival.


Core Skills

  • Twisting Blades: This skill is the centerpiece of the build and will be your primary damage-dealing ability. It becomes even more powerful when you obtain the Twisting Blades aspect from the Codex of Power in Act 2. Twisting Blades allows you to spin around and shred enemies in close range, decimating entire rooms of foes.
  • Dash and Shadow Step: These skills provide incredible mobility, allowing you to swiftly traverse the map and avoid dangerous situations. Maximize these skills to enhance your agility and positioning during combat.


Recommended Skill Tree

  • Fundamental Puncture: This upgrade enhances Puncture and grants vulnerability, significantly increasing your damage output, especially if you acquire bonuses to vulnerability on your gear.
  • Advanced Twisting Blades: Focus on maximizing the potential of your primary damage skill, Twisting Blades.
  • Dark Shroud: This defensive ability is often overlooked by other rogue builds, but it's crucial for survival. It offers damage reduction and synergy with Countering Dark Shroud, providing both defensive and offensive benefits.
  • Improved Dash and Shadow Step: Enhance your mobility skills to increase their effectiveness in combat.
  • Shadow Imbuement: Instead of opting for Poison Imbuement, which is a popular choice, we'll be selecting Shadow Imbuement for its synergy with the Consuming Shadows talent. Shadow Imbuement offers additional AoE damage and does not require poison trap setups.
  • Consuming Shadows: This talent provides a massive boost to your energy generation. With every enemy you kill, you gain 30 energy, ensuring that you have a constant supply to unleash your skills.


Additional Skill Tree Choices

  • Blade Dancer's Aspect: Obtain this aspect and place it on your two-handed bow to receive a significant bonus to Twisting Blades. Alternatively, you can place it on your amulet for a slightly reduced bonus if you prefer to swap out your bow frequently.
  • Defensive Choices: Don't neglect defensive talents. Consider investing in Sturdy (increased max hit points) and Healing Shadows (healing on critical strikes) to bolster your survivability.


Recommended Stats

Focus on acquiring gear that boosts the following stats:

  • Vulnerable Damage: As you'll be applying vulnerability often, increasing damage to vulnerable enemies is crucial.
  • Twisting Blades Ranks: Boost the power of your primary skill to maximize your damage output.
  • Life: Increase your maximum hit points to enhance survivability.
  • Armor: Invest in gear that provides armor to mitigate incoming damage.
  • Resistances: Obtain gear with resistances to counter specific elemental threats.
  • Dexterity: This attribute increases your damage and critical strike chance.

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