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Steps to Master Four-tick Auto-Attacking in RuneScape Guides

With the recent changes and updates in RuneScape, many players are eager to learn how to utilize Four-tick auto-attacking to maximize their gameplay. This technique involves weaving auto attacks or spell casts between abilities, specifically on magic. By swapping between a wand and orbs (dual wield) and staff, you can perform Four-tick auto-attacks, resulting in increased DPS and additional spell effects. This guide will provide you with a more detailed explanation of Four-tick auto-attacking and the steps to master this technique. Please note that this guide assumes you are playing in full manual mode.

Steps to Master Four-tick Auto-Attacking in RuneScape Guides


What is Four-tick Auto-Attacking?

Four-tick auto-attacking is the process of alternating auto attacks and abilities by switching between a wand and orbs and a staff. Before casting ability with the staff, you use an auto attack. This technique offers increased damage per second (DPS) and allows you to benefit from the effects of the spells you cast. For example, using blood spells will grant you health restoration, while ice spells can freeze or stun your enemies. Additionally, you can utilize other effects like the smoke cloud between auto attacks.


Preparing for Four-tick Auto-Attacking

Obtain a wand, an orb, and a staff. These items are necessary for switching between them during the technique.

Assign key binds to your wand, orb, staff, and the spell you wish to use for Four-tick auto-attacking. Ensure that these key binds are comfortable and easily accessible, as you will be using them frequently.

Enable full manual mode by going to the settings menu. This mode is essential for executing Four-tick auto-attacking effectively.

Enable manual spell casting in the settings menu as well. This ensures that you use the desired spell instead of automatically changing it when using the key bind.


How to Perform Four-tick Auto-Attacking?

Familiarize yourself with the standard spellbook and use the Airstrike spell for learning purposes. It is cost-effective and provides a visual indicator when performed correctly.

Pay attention to the animation when you successfully perform the auto attack during Four-tick auto-attacking. This animation will help you gauge your timing.

Watch for a specific indicator that signals when to use the auto attack. During your global cooldown, some of your abilities will flash. Wait for this flash, as it indicates the ideal time to execute the auto attack.

It is crucial to note that you cannot perform Four-tick auto-attacking with channeled abilities like Greater Concentrated Blast, Asphyxiate, or Omnipower. Focus on using Greater Concentrated Blast as your primary ability when performing Four-tick auto-attacking.


To execute Four-tick auto-attacking, follow these steps:

  • Begin with your wand and orb equipped.
  • Cast a non-channeled ability or Greater Concentrated Blast.
  • Swiftly switch to your staff.
  • Wait for the flash on your global cooldown.
  • Use your auto attack keybind immediately after the flash.
  • Follow up with the ability you want to use.
  • Switch back to your wand and orb.
  • Repeat the process by using Greater Concentrated Blast or another non-channeled ability.
  • Swap to your staff again and continue the cycle.



Mastering Four-tick auto-attacking in RuneScape requires practice and familiarity with the technique. Start by using the Airstrike spell on the standard spellbook to develop a sense of timing and observe the visual indicator. Remember to prioritize non-channeled abilities and Greater Concentrated Blast during Four-tick auto-attacking. Gradually incorporate thresholds and other abilities into your rotation as you become more proficient. Keep in mind that transitioning from practicing on dummies to using this technique during boss fights can be challenging, so be patient and focus on improving gradually. With dedication and practice, you can become skilled at Four-tick auto-attacking and enhance your gameplay in RuneScape.

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