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OSRS Low-Intensity and AFK Gold-Making Methods Guides

In Old School RuneScape, making OSRS gold is a common goal for players. Whether you want to purchase new gear, upgrade your equipment, or simply earn extra wealth, there are several methods available. While many of the best gold-making methods involve high-intensity PvM (Player versus Monster) activities, this guide focuses on low-intensity and AFK (Away From Keyboard) methods. These methods are ideal for players working from home or seeking a more relaxed gold-making experience. So, let's explore some of the best AFK gold-making methods in OSRS.

OSRS Low-Intensity and AFK Gold-Making Methods Guides


Vyrewatch Sentinel

Vyrewatch Sentinel have been a popular choice for AFK gold-making for quite some time. The main attraction of this method is the chance to obtain a valuable drop called the bloodshard. While the bloodshard has a 1 in 1500 drop rate and is worth nearly 6 million GP, there are other items you'll receive, such as rune items, rune ores, adamant chestplates, and more. The expected GP per hour is around 590k, assuming you get the bloodshard drop within a reasonable time. Remember, using vampire dust to increase GP per hour will reduce the AFK aspect of this method.

Requirements: Decent combat stats, melee gear, Blisterwood flail, completion of the quest Sins of the Father, and a medallion for teleportation.


Brutal Black Dragons

Brutal Black Dragons are another popular AFK method, providing a consistent stream of drops. Unlike relying on rare drops, you'll receive consistent income from dragon bones, hides, and other loot. Located in the northeast corner of the Catacombs of Kourend, these dragons require 77 Slayer to kill but don't require a task. Recommended requirements include 37 Prayer for Protect from Magic, high Ranged level, and optionally a player-owned house with a pool for quicker banking.

Gear: Blessed dragonhide, Dragon crossbow, Elite Void (if available), or blessed gear.

Inventory: Ranging potions, prayer potions, Xeric's Talisman, and Rune pouch with teleports and alchs.

Expected GP per hour: Around 1.2 million GP (gear-dependent).


Sacred Eels

Sacred eels can be found near the Zul-Andra entrance in Zul-Andra, requiring 87 Fishing to catch. While a higher Fishing level increases your earnings, the minimum requirement is sufficient. Additionally, having at least 72 Cooking will improve your GP per hour. Fishing sacred eels is a relaxed activity, and all you need is a fishing rod, bait, a knife, and optionally, leftover Spirit flakes from Tempoross to boost your yield.


Cooking Raw Sharks

With level 89 Cooking, the cooking gauntlets, and access to the Hosidius range, you can cook raw sharks without burning them. Withdraw an inventory of sharks, cook them, bank, and repeat. This method is straightforward and can yield up to 390k GP per hour at maximum efficiency.


Smithing Cannonballs

One of the most classic AFK methods is smithing cannonballs. With a requirement of only 35 Smithing and the completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest, you can use an ammo mold to produce cannonballs. Simply take a full inventory of Steel bars and use them on any furnace. This method is highly AFK, allowing you to be away from the keyboard for approximately two minutes per inventory. The best furnace to use is in Shilo Village, but if you haven't completed the Elite Karamja Diary, you will need to pay 20 coins per use. Edgeville is a popular alternative, although less profitable. For increased efficiency, consider obtaining the double ammo mold from the Giant's Foundry minigame, which reduces AFK time to about a minute and doubles your gold per hour.

Expected GP per hour: Approximately 130k GP without the double ammo mold, or 260k GP with the double ammo mold.


Crafting Jade Bracelets

Crafting Jade bracelets is a low-intensity method that requires 29 Crafting and a bracelet mold. With 13 silver bars and 13 Jade gems, you can use the furnace to craft these bracelets. Assuming you can make around 1,200 bracelets per hour, this method is highly efficient, providing both gold and Crafting XP. On average, you can expect to earn around 330k GP per hour and gain 72k Crafting XP.


Mining Amethyst

Mining Amethyst is an AFK method that requires a high Mining level of 92 or above. Additionally, having Varrock armor 4 and expert mining gloves is highly recommended. While the armor and gloves are not technically required, they significantly improve your GP per hour. Varrock armor 4 provides a 10% chance of mining two amethyst gems simultaneously, and the gloves have a 25% chance to prevent the depletion of the rock. With these bonuses, you can expect to earn close to 400k GP per hour while maintaining a highly AFK experience.


Killing Skeletal Wyverns (Safe Spotting)

For players interested in more active AFK combat, killing Skeletal Wyverns is a classic choice. This method requires 72 Slayer, a recommended 50 Prayer, 80+ Ranged, and 55 Magic for High Alchemy. You'll need ranged gear with a crossbow to safe spot the wyverns. Bring full Elite Void or blessed gear, a dragon crossbow, and a suitable shield to protect against their icy breath attacks. Initially, use Protect from Missiles and a shield to mitigate damage for the first 10 minutes, then safe spot the wyverns by the entrance. Depending on your gear, you can expect to earn an average of 700k GP per hour.


Killing Gargoyles (Using Guthan's Armor)

Gargoyles offer an AFK combat method that requires 75 Slayer. Wearing full Guthan's armor allows you to heal without needing to pray. With 70 Defense and matching or higher Attack and Strength levels, equip the Guthan's set and complement it with your best melee gear. Bring a nose peg or Slayer helmet for protection against specters on the way to the Slayer Tower, as well as a rock hammer to crush the Gargoyles. Consider bringing food or using Elks for healing, as well as prayer potions if you choose to pray against melee attacks. With luck, this method can yield around 550k GP per hour.


Rapid Fire Section

Here are some other popular AFK or low-intensity methods along with their approximate gold per hour rates:

  • Cutting Magic Logs: Around 130k GP per hour.
  • Blood Runes in Corrend: Approximately 500k GP per hour, potentially more with the runecrafting outfit.
  • Slayer Bosses (Kraken, Dagganoth Rex): Kraken - 800k GP per hour; Dagganoth Rex (safe spotting) - 1 million GP per hour.
  • Plank Make (Lunar Spellbook): Around 400k GP per hour and 90k Magic XP per hour.



With the methods listed in this guide, you can enjoy AFK or low-intensity gameplay while still making a decent amount of gold in Old School RuneScape. Choose the method that suits your skill levels and preferences, and watch your wealth grow. If you want more gold-making guides or further exploration of the methods mentioned, let the author know. Happy gold-making and best of luck on your adventures in Gielinor!

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