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ESO Golden Vendor: Valuable Furnishings & Powerful Gear Sets | (Week 21, May 27-29)

Welcome to another exciting edition of the ESO Golden Vendor Showcase! This guide we will be highlighting some of the best items available from the Golden Vendor, ranging from valuable furnishings to powerful gear sets. Whether you're looking to invest for future resale or enhance your own gameplay experience, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the items on offer this week.


ESO Golden Vendor: Valuable Furnishings & Powerful Gear Sets | (Week 21, May 27-29)


Rehab: A Valuable Furnishing Item

At the top of our list is the Rehab furnishing item, which is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make. This item has the potential to increase in value by 25% to even over 100% over time. With its versatility and appeal in building castle themes or gardens, Rehab has been a popular choice in housing competitions. Whether you plan to resell it or incorporate it into your own creations, this item is a must-have for any furnishing enthusiast.


Blue Trees: Aesthetic Appeal

While the Blue Trees may not necessarily be the most cost-effective purchase, they offer a unique and visually appealing addition to your housing projects. The blue and purple theme can create a captivating atmosphere. If you have a particular affinity for these colours and are willing to invest a little extra gold, the Blue Trees might be a worthy addition to your collection.


Ilambris and Sellistrix: Dungeon Gear Sets

Ilambris and Sellistrix are two gear sets available this week. While both sets have their merits, it's worth noting that they can be obtained from Crypt of Hearts I and Arx Corinium dungeons, respectively. There may be more cost-efficient choices than investing a significant amount of gold in purchasing these sets from the Golden Vendor. However, if you enjoy these sets and wish to acquire them quickly, they can be viable options for your character builds.


Burning Spellweave: Top-tier Gear Set

Burning Spellweave is undeniably one of the best sets in the game. It offers exceptional bonuses to weapon and spell damage, making it a fantastic choice for Dragon Knights and other classes. If you're looking to maximize your damage output, this set should be on your radar. However, keep in mind that Burning Spellweave is a dungeon set, so it's primarily intended for personal use.


Dreamer's Mantle: Unique Crowd Control Set

Dreamer's Mantle is a unique set that can knock down all enemies within a certain radius while also restoring some of your Magicka. While it may not be the most popular choice, the set's crowd-control capabilities make it interesting for specific builds and playstyles. If you're looking for a set that provides crowd control and some resource sustain, consider adding Dreamer's Mantle to your collection.


Voidcaller: Adaptive PvP Set

Voidcaller offers an interesting mechanic that increases your weapon and spell damage when you take damage, stacking up to 20 times. This set can be particularly useful in PvP scenarios, where consistent damage intake is more common. However, maintaining the required uptime for the bonus can be challenging. If you enjoy PvP and can incorporate this playstyle into your build effectively, Voidcoller may be worth considering.


Spider Cultist Cowl: Destruction Staff Enhancement

Spider Cultist Cowl is a unique set that boosts your destruction staff abilities with 600 weapons and spells damage. While this enhancement sounds impressive, the set's niche nature only restricts its usability if you have a very specific build in mind. Consider this set if you're focused on maximizing your destruction staff's potential, but be aware that it may have little applicability.



The current offerings from the ESO Golden Vendor present a mix of valuable and niche teso items. The standout choices this week are the Rehab furnishing item, which promises excellent long-term value, and the powerful Burning Spellweave gear set. Whether you're an avid collector, a savvy investor, or a dedicated player seeking to optimize your builds, there's something for everyone at the Golden Vendor. Remember to plan your purchases wisely, considering your personal preferences and in-game goals. Until next time, happy hunting!

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