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SWTOR PVP Strategies & Tactics: How to domination 8v8 warzones?

Welcome to an essential guide for the team fighting in Star Wars: The Old Republic Player versus Player (PVP) mode. In this article, we will explore the strategies and tactics involved in team fights, including positioning, target selection, and understanding different team compositions. Whether you are a seasoned PVP player or new to the game, this guide will provide you with valuable insights to excel in 8v8 warzones.


SWTOR PVP Strategies & Tactics: How to domination 8v8 warzones?


Understanding Team Fights

In team fights, the objective is to eliminate or force the enemy team to retreat from an objective. These fights typically involve a minimum of 5v5 encounters, excluding arena matches, and are primarily focused on warzones. While some principles apply to smaller skirmishes, we will primarily focus on larger team fights.


Team Compositions

When participating in team fights, the composition of your team can greatly influence your playstyle. There are three main types of compositions:

  • Burst or Single Target Comp: This composition excels at quickly eliminating individual targets before the enemy healer can react. Classes like Deception Assassin, Carnage Marauder, and Engineering Sniper are prime examples of burst damage dealers.
  • AOE Comp: An AOE composition aims to stack up and unleash area-of-effect damage to eliminate multiple enemies at once. Vengeance Juggernaut, Lightning Sorcerer, and Lethality Operative are examples of classes that thrive in an AOE comp.
  • Dot Comp: Dot (Damage over Time) compositions focus on overwhelming enemy healers and tanks with a continuous stream of damage. Classes like Madness Sorcerer, Lethality Operative, and DOT Mercenary fit into this category.

Note: While building a team composition, it's ideal to have a mix of melee and ranged healers, along with at least one tank. However, in Warzones, you might have to work with the available options.


Understanding Ranges

In SWTOR, classes can be classified into four categories based on their effective range, which determines where they deal the most damage or healing:

  • Melee: These classes, such as Tanks, Marauders, and Assassins, rely on close-range combat to deal meaningful damage. While some hybrid classes have extended range capabilities, most melee classes require engagement within 4 to 10 meters.
  • Hybrid: Some classes like Pyrotech Powertech, Annihilation Marauder, Hatred Assassin, and Lethality Operative can deal significant damage from a range of 10 meters or more.
  • Fully Ranged: Healer classes, Mercenary, Madness Sorcerer, and other classes primarily deal damage from a range of 30 meters.
  • Long-Range: Two classes, Lightning Sorcerer and Sniper, have a 35-meter range for their primary damaging abilities.


Front Line and Back Line

In PVP engagements, there are two main positions: the front line and the back line. If you are a melee player engaged in combat, you are part of the front line. On the other hand, if you are a ranged player initiating the fight, you should position yourself in the back line, staying out of range of enemy attacks.


Positioning Tips for Different Classes

Melee in a Single Target Composition:

  • Avoid enemy crowd control (CC) abilities whenever possible.
  • Stay within range of your healers for support.
  • Close the gap between you and your target to deal damage.
  • Consider your next target while engaging the current one.
  • Avoid unnecessary stacking with teammates, as it makes you vulnerable to AOE damage from enemies.


Melee in an AOE Composition:

  • Stack on the enemy healer to force the enemy team to collapse.
  • Focus on the enemy healer to draw in the tank and enable AOE damage.
  • Try to fight in choke points to force the enemy team to stack up.



  • Position yourself between the front line and back line to react quickly.
  • Prioritize guarding your front line while supporting your teammates.
  • Disrupt the enemy team and create opportunities for your team.
  • Stay within range of your healers to receive support.


Ranged DPS:

  • Spread out and avoid standing on top of other ranged teammates.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the enemy front line, close to your maximum range.
  • Follow up on your melee teammates' engagements while avoiding enemy attacks.
  • Support your teammates with knockbacks, heals, and pulls when possible.
  • Position in the open if you need to cast frequently, allowing you to retaliate against enemy melee attackers.


DOT-based Classes:

  • Position next to line-of-sight (LOS) objected like pillars or boxes to counter enemy pulls and ranged casters.
  • Counter engage or kite if the enemy engages with kill pressure.
  • Stay within range of your healer while continuing to apply damage.



  • Stay alive and keep your teammates alive as your top priority.
  • Support with kills and objectives when there is no immediate healing required.
  • Positioning varies based on the healer class. Mercenary healers can position more openly due to strong defensive cooldowns, while sorcerers and operatives should position more defensively and stay close to LOS objects.
  • Avoid standing behind your 35-meter range DPS, leaving your melee teammates vulnerable.


Fighting Front to Back

Once the fight is engaged, the general strategy is to fight front to back, meaning you focus on eliminating the enemy front line first. This approach relieves pressure on your healers and allows your ranged DPS to freecast and support your team. Focusing the enemy backline is only sometimes feasible, especially with few melee players, as it risks overextending and compromising the safety of your healers.


Target Selection

When choosing targets in a team fight, consider the following principles:

  • Focus on enemies who are out of position.
  • Target isolated enemies or those chasing your healer.
  • Prioritize targets without escape abilities.
  • Take advantage of distracted enemies or those engaged in objectives.
  • Some classes are easier to kill than others, making them better targets.
  • Threatening classes in a Warzone are high-value targets.
  • Avoid targeting classes that are hard to kill or pose a low immediate threat.


Pushing and Respawn Considerations

After eliminating the enemy front line or forcing them to retreat, consider pushing towards the enemy backline, pushing them away from objectives. However, be cautious if the enemy is respawning, as they might return with full cooldowns and resources. Avoid pushing too far and risking an unfavourable engagement.



By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can enhance your team fighting skills in SWTOR PVP. Remember to focus on positioning, target selection, and fighting front to back. Adapt your playstyle based on your class and team composition, and always prioritize supporting your teammates and fulfilling your role effectively. 

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