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Diablo 4 Bosses Guide: Defeating Avarice, the Gold Cursed

Diablo 4 Avarice The Gold Cursed is a World Boss in the game that can be encountered in special areas while progressing through different regions. This formidable creature possesses dangerous abilities and poses a significant threat to any daring heroes who challenge it. Due to the high level of danger, it is essential to form a team with other players to take it down. Defeating the boss rewards players with loot and a special item called Scattered Prism, which can be used to add sockets to specific gear slots. This guide will delve into the exciting encounter, exploring Avarice's abilities, strategies to defeat him, and the overall experience of the fight.

Diablo 4 Bosses Guide: Defeating Avarice, the Gold Cursed



The boss can be found in The Seared Basin in Kehjistan, and a timer indicates the remaining time before its spawn. Players can use this time to prepare for the fight or invite friends to join. It's important to note that joining the event after it starts is only possible for a limited period. The scale of these fights is so massive that the in-game camera zooms out once combat begins. 


Dangerous Abilities

Avarice is a massive behemoth equipped with numerous dangerous abilities. While specific details are not provided, players should be prepared for devastating attacks and mechanics designed to test their skills and resilience.


The Importance of Teamwork

Facing any World Boss in Diablo 4 is a perilous endeavor, and Avarice is no exception. Due to the high level of danger, teaming up with other players is essential. Working together allows for better coordination, the pooling of resources, and the sharing of skills and abilities, increasing the chances of success.


Loot and the Scattered Prism

Upon slaying Avarice, players will be rewarded with Diablo 4 Gold and valuable loot drops. Additionally, a special item called the Scattered Prism may be obtained. This unique item is used to add sockets to specific slots of gear, offering an opportunity for customization and power enhancement.


The Challenge Factor

The World Boss fight against Avarice is expected to be more challenging in the full game. Players will face him at World Tier 3, after completing the main campaign, where their characters will already be relatively powerful. The gameplay video may not fully reflect the intended difficulty, as the showcased team was relatively small and not overly powerful. Thus, questions arise regarding how the boss was defeated so quickly.


Strategies for Success

  • Party Composition: Assemble a larger group of players for the World Boss fight to maximize your chances of success.
  • Preparation: Ensure your character is well-equipped and leveled up. Optimize your gear, skills, and talents to enhance your effectiveness in combat.
  • Dodging Gold Bombs: When Avarice drops gold bombs, quickly move away from the glowing circles on the ground to avoid taking significant damage.
  • Melee Attacks and Crowd Control: Be cautious when engaging Avarice up close. Utilize crowd control abilities to interrupt his attacks or create distance.
  • Ranged Attacks: If you play a ranged character, exploit your increased attack range to deal damage while maintaining a safe distance from Avarice.
  • Coordination: Communicate and coordinate with your teammates to synchronize attacks and abilities. Focus on dealing with damage while being aware of Avarice's attacks.
  • Adaptability: Be prepared for Avarice to disappear into portals, temporarily making him invulnerable. Adjust your tactics accordingly and remain vigilant.



Avarice, the Gold Cursed, stands as a captivating World Boss in Diablo 4, embodying the essence of greed and offering an exhilarating battle. While the showcased fight appeared easier than expected, players can anticipate a more challenging experience in the full game. With proper preparation, coordination, and adaptability, players can look forward to conquering Avarice and reveling in the thrilling world of Diablo 4.

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