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Diablo 4 Farming Nightmare Dungeons Double Swing Barbarian Build

We have dedicated considerable time to playing as the Diablo 4 Barbarian class. We have thoroughly tested numerous builds and engaged in various activities, including PvP, The Whispers, open-world exploration, and collecting at the altars. As we delved into the end-game content, we discovered a build that stood out among the rest: the Double Swing Barbarian build. In this guide, we will provide an overview of this powerful build and showcase its effectiveness in nightmare dungeon run.

Diablo 4 Farming Nightmare Dungeons Double Swing Barbarian Build


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Gameplay Overview

The Double Swing build for the Barbarian revolves around utilizing the Double Swing skill to its fullest potential. This skill offers a unique and swift dual-wielded playstyle, providing excellent attack speed and swift animations. With this build, you'll be able to deal massive damage, stun enemies, and make them vulnerable, making it an ideal choice for tackling tough foes and clearing objectives efficiently.


Key Features of the Build

Double Swing: The core skill of this build, Double Swing, unleashes swift and powerful attacks. When combined with certain runes and gear choices, it becomes even more devastating, hitting for millions of damage and stunning enemies.

Stun and Vulnerability: The build focuses on stunning enemies using various abilities and capitalizing on the vulnerability effect. This allows you to deal increased damage and trigger other beneficial effects from gear, skills, and Paragon points.

Fast-paced Playstyle: The Double Swing build offers a smooth and fast-paced playstyle, allowing you to swiftly cut through enemies and complete objectives. With high movement speed and quick attack animations, you'll feel like a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Build Details

Gear: We recommend equipping gear that enhances critical chance, critical damage, vulnerability damage, and attack speed. Look for items with modifiers that boost Double Swing damage and generate Fury when hitting stunned targets. Optimize your gear choices to maximize damage output and survivability.

Skills: The build revolves around utilizing skills such as Double Swing, Groundstorm, Shouts, and Warcry. Allocate skill points to enhance damage, generate Fury, increase attack speed, and apply crowd control effects. Take advantage of runes that synergize with the build, such as those that make enemies vulnerable or provide additional Fury generation.

Paragon Points: Distribute your Paragon points wisely across various categories. Prioritize damage to closed enemies, elite damage, cooldown reduction for shouts, and defensive skills. Experiment with different combinations to suit your playstyle and optimize your build.


Gameplay Tips

Focus on key targets: In dungeons or objective-based content, prioritize defeating important targets rather than wasting time on smaller enemies. Utilize your stuns and swift attacks to quickly eliminate high-priority foes.

Utilize crowd control: Stun enemies whenever possible to trigger additional effects and maximize damage output. Take advantage of skills like Groundstorm and hamstring to apply slows and crowd control effects, making enemies more vulnerable to your attacks.

Resource management: Pay attention to your Fury generation and expenditure. Properly time your shouts and other Fury-generating skills to maintain a steady flow of resources. This will ensure you can unleash devastating attacks and sustain your damage output.



The Double Swing Barbarian build offers a thrilling and powerful playstyle, perfect for Farmig Diablo 4 Gold By clearing nightmare dungeons in Diablo 4. With its exceptional attack speed, devastating damage output, and effective resource management, this build is a force to be reckoned with. Experiment with different gear setups and skill variations to tailor the build to your play style and take on even greater challenges. Stay tuned for more guides and build articles as we continue to explore the world of Diablo 4.

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