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Diablo 4 Leveling Guide: Efficient XP Farming Methods

Diablo 4 offers a vast and beautiful world to explore, but for those looking to reach Level 100 quickly, we have compiled a comprehensive leveling guide. We have extensively tested various activities in the game to determine the most effective XP farming methods. If you want to maximise your leveling speed, this guide is for you. However, if you want to enjoy the game at your own pace, feel free to do so. Diablo 4 is an incredible experience that should be enjoyed however you prefer.



Diablo 4 Leveling Guide: Efficient XP Farming Methods


1-50 Leveling Process

The initial 1-50 leveling process is straightforward and primarily involves completing the campaign. The campaign provides massive XP bonuses and streamlines progression. To reach the higher XP rewards, you must progress to World Tier 3 and, more importantly, World Tier 4. World Tier 1 is recommended as it allows for faster monster kills, increasing XP gains and more loot. By the end of the campaign, which includes finishing the Nightmare Dungeon or Capstone Dungeon, you should be around level 30-40. Aim to complete the campaign efficiently, although some additional dungeons or activities might be required to level up further.


Reaching Level 50 and World Tier 3

Upon reaching level 50, World Tier 3 poses a significant increase in difficulty. We recommend exploring the map and obtaining Alters of Lilith to prepare for this step. While the XP gained from these altars might be lower, they provide additional stats, unlock bonuses on the Paragon board, and grant extra skill points from the renowned system. This increased power will help you tackle World Tier 3 more effectively. Keep in mind that World Tier 3 is a substantial difficulty spike compared to World Tier 2, so ensure you are adequately equipped before venturing further. If needed, complete strongholds around the map to gain experience and unlock waypoints for later use.


XP Farming Methods

Let's dive into the XP farming methods we've tested and charted in the game. We have analyzed dungeons, open-world events, and other activities to provide you with a clear understanding of the most efficient ways to gain XP.


- Dungeons

As you approach level 50, focus on running dungeons. The Tree of Whispers will guide you to various dungeons around the map. Having access to most, if not all, waypoints is essential for our methods to work effectively. Dungeon travel time averaged around one minute, but this can vary based on your system's performance. Keep track of the dungeon you're running, the time it takes, and your XP at the start and end of each run. Nightmare dungeons offer similar XP rates and Diablo 4 Gold as regular dungeons, so prioritize them if you can clear them at a similar pace.


- Open World Events

Legion Events within the open world often yield the best XP rates. However, these events require you to defeat a specific number of enemies within a set time limit to summon additional waves. If your character is capable of clearing these events swiftly, they provide a significant XP boost, usually around 20-30% more than dungeons. Remember that during the beta testing, we had the advantage of being alone in the open world, which may not be the case upon the game's official launch.


Important Notes

  • Nightmare dungeons should be your primary focus, followed by regular dungeons, for consistent XP gains.
  • PvP zones can provide good XP rewards but are often populated, so their effectiveness may vary depending on the situation.
  • Remember the exponential increase in XP required as you approach level 100, especially at specific level breakpoints.
  • Be mindful of your character's power and equipment to ensure efficient progression through higher-tier nightmare dungeons

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