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Guide to Obtaining Golden Cape Shards in RuneScape

In this article, we will explore the best methods to acquire Golden Cape shards during the GOLDEN CAPE HUNT EVENT in RuneScape. The event started on May 30th and will last until June 26th. By collecting these shards, players can obtain the prestigious Golden Cape, which complements the Golden Party Hat. We will discuss various ways to obtain the eight shards required to unlock the cape, including quests, combat, gathering, artisan, and support skills. Additionally, we will cover optional methods such as purchasing shards or obtaining them through clue scrolls.



Guide to Obtaining Golden Cape Shards in RuneScape


Acquiring Shards

  • Jagex Account: Start by upgrading your Jagex account, which will grant you two Golden Cape shards. Follow the steps provided to complete the account upgrade process and claim your reward. This is a simple and recommended method.
  • Premiere Membership: If you have Premiere membership, you will receive an extra shard as a bonus. Not all players have this membership, but if you do, it's an additional shard towards your collection
  • Quests: Completing a series of new quests will reward you with a shard. If you haven't finished these quests, prioritize them to obtain more shards. Even if the event has already launched, you might have the quest completed and receive the shard automatically.
  • Skilling Shards: You can obtain shards through combat, gathering, artisan, or support skills. For example, training Firemaking while wearing Silverhawk boots provides a chance to obtain the shard associated with both Firemaking (artisan) and Agility (support). Similarly, utilizing the Always Adze relic while woodcutting can grant both Gathering and Artisan shards. By training multiple skills simultaneously, you increase your chances of obtaining shards.
  • Combat Shards: Engaging in combat activities offers the opportunity to acquire combat shards. Toggle on all available combat skills under "Settings" -> "Gameplay" -> "Combat & Action" -> "Combat XP" to maximize your chances. Additionally, boss fights and earning marks of war contribute to obtaining these shards.
  • Shady Salesman: As a last resort, you can purchase shards from the Shady Salesman located behind the Grand Exchange. This option requires either 25 million gold or 10,000 protean items. It is advisable to consider this only if the event is nearing its end and you are unable to obtain the remaining shards.
  • Clue Scrolls: If you enjoy completing clue scrolls, they also provide a chance to acquire a shard. However, this method is entirely optional, and you can choose to skip it if not interested.


Obtaining the Golden Cape

By participating in the event and diligently collecting the shards, you can obtain the Golden Cape. It is advisable to prioritize acquiring the Skilling shards first, followed by the combat shard. The remaining shards can be obtained through quests and other means. The event spans 25 to 26 days, and with regular playtime, it is relatively easy to collect all eight shards.


The Golden Cape's Value

The Golden Cape holds significant value in the RuneScape market. Currently listed at 250 million gold, it presents an opportunity for players to earn substantial amounts of money. Early sellers might fetch prices around 200 million Runescape Gold, but as the event progresses, the cape's value may fluctuate. Some players prefer to keep the Golden Cape as a keepsake item or use Keepsake Keys to display it alongside their Golden Party Hat.


Event Rewards

Obtaining the eight shards not only rewards players with the Golden Cape but also provides three free Keepsake Keys. These keys can be used to preserve the Golden Cape and two other items as keepsakes. Additionally, players receive combat and skilling buffs as rewards:

  • Golden Security Buff: Grants a 5% chance to reduce damage taken by 99%, a significant combat buff during boss fights.
  • Golden Consignment Buff: Provides a guaranteed Porter effect, transporting valid items to the bank while gathering.
  • Lockout Timer Extension: The lockout timer will be increased, allowing more time between certain activities.



The Golden Cape event in RuneScape offers an exciting opportunity to collect shards and obtain the prestigious Golden Cape. By engaging in quests, combat, and various skilling activities, players can easily gather the required shards within the event's duration. The cape holds significant value in the game's economy, and it is up to individual players to decide whether to sell it or keep it as a keepsake item. The event also rewards players with combat and skilling buffs, enhancing their gameplay experience. Enjoy the event, and may you be among the first to acquire the Golden Cape in RuneScape!

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