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OSRS Guide: The Dagger and Vesta Powerful Insane PVP Combo Guides

In Old School RuneScape, finding the right combination of weapons and armour can make a huge difference in your gameplay. Today, we'll discuss an insane combo that has brought players much fun and massive RS Gold and loot. This guide will walk you through the equipment setup, tactics, and impressive loot drops. So, buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating adventure!



OSRS Guide: The Dagger and Vesta Powerful Insane PVP Combo Guides


The Insane Combo

The key to this combo is acquiring two crucial items: the dagger and Vesta's longsword. With these weapons, you'll be ready to unleash devastating attacks on unsuspecting opponents.

The Dagger: The Abyssal Dagger is a fast and accurate weapon that can deal significant damage. It's known for its accuracy and the potential to hit high numbers, making it a formidable choice for PvP encounters.

Vesta's Longsword: Vesta's Longsword is a powerful two-handed weapon with impressive stats. It boasts high accuracy and damage, making it a deadly weapon in the right hands. This sword can make short work of opponents, especially when paired with the right equipment.


The Equipment Setup

To maximize the potential of this combo, you'll need a well-rounded equipment setup. Here's what you should aim for:

  • Full Bandos Armor: Bandos armour provides excellent defensive bonuses and enhances your offensive capabilities. Wearing the full set will give you a significant advantage in combat.
  • Bandos Claws: The Bandos Claws are powerful melee weapons that synergize well with the dagger and longsword. They provide additional accuracy and strength bonuses, increasing your chances of dealing massive damage.
  • Karil's Coif: The Karil's Coif headgear offers great ranged defence while providing decent melee bonuses. It's a versatile piece of equipment that complements the overall setup.
  • Amulet of Torture: The Amulet of Torture significantly boosts your melee accuracy and strength. It's a must-have accessory to maximize your damage output.
  • Primordial Boots: Primordial Boots offer exceptional melee strength bonuses, making them an ideal choice for this setup.


Tactics and Loot Drops

Now that you're equipped with the right gear, it's time to dive into thrilling encounters and loot drops.

Let's take a look at some memorable moments and the loot acquired:

  • The Big Stack: Our player successfully defeated an opponent wearing full Bandos armour in one encounter. The loot included Bando's claws, a Karil's Coif, and other valuable items. The estimated value of this loot was around 40-50 million coins.
  • The Void Waker Surprise: In a surprising turn of events, our player managed to take down not one but two opponents wearing Void Knight gear. The loot acquired from these encounters was estimated to be around 253 million OSRS Gold coins.
  • The One-Hit Wonder: Our player showcased their skills by delivering an instant one-hit kill to an opponent, securing a valuable Serpentine Helmet worth three million coins.
  • Back-to-Back Karate Hits: Our player delivered two consecutive Karate hits in an exciting sequence, resulting in a significant loot drop of 70 Karate. The total value of the loot was estimated to be several million coins.
  • The Eldritch Finisher: Armed with Vesta's longsword, our player executed a stunning finishing blow on an opponent, scoring a loot drop of 18 million coins.



The Abyssal Dagger and Vesta's Longsword combination has proven to be an insanely powerful combo in OSRS. Players can enjoy thrilling encounters and secure valuable loot drops with the right equipment and tactics. Keep practising and refining your skills; you might become the next legendary PKer in the game. Remember to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more exciting content in the future. 

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