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ESO Luxury Vendor Items: Exquisite Decorations and Powerful Gear

Welcome to our guide on the ESO Luxury Vendor Items and Solid Golden Vendor Items. In this article, we will explore the top-tier luxury items available from the vendors in The Elder Scrolls Online. These items range from exquisite housing decorations to powerful gear sets, all of which will enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you're looking to beautify your home or improve your character's effectiveness in combat, we have got you covered. Let's dive in!


ESO Luxury Vendor Items: Exquisite Decorations and Powerful Gear


Luxury Vendor Items

Colorful Trees (4K Gold):

If you're in the market for vibrant and eye-catching trees to adorn your home, these budget-friendly options are perfect for you. Not only do they add a touch of beauty to your surroundings, but they also have a solid resale value.


Windmill (250K Gold)

The windmill is one of the most valuable housing items. Its animated design and grandeur make it a desirable addition to any player's home. While the initial investment may seem high, windmills tend to appreciate in value over time. Keep in mind that due to its popularity, it may take some time to find buyers at higher prices.


Small Berry (2K Gold)

This adorable but functionally useless decoration adds a whimsical touch to your home. It's perfect for those who appreciate the details of their surroundings.


High Elf Wine Pot (18K Gold)

An interactable decoration, the High Elf Wine Pot adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. Its price is reasonable, making it an attractive option for players looking to enhance their living spaces.


Golden Vendor Items

Dro'Zakar Necklace

This necklace is part of a set that revolves around the bleeding effect. Unfortunately, bleeding is not widely utilized or highly effective in combat situations, making this necklace relatively average in terms of usefulness.


Scavenging Demise

This set is highly recommended for players who enjoy dealing substantial damage to their opponents. The set spawns a powerful companion that deals damage and applies major vulnerability to enemies. It excels in open-world PvP scenarios where dodging is challenging. Additionally, the set can be sold to other players for profit.


Plague Doctor

Offering a significant boost to health, the Plague Doctor set is popular among players who prioritize survivability. Its straightforward nature and high demand ensure it retains decent resale value.


Swamp Raiders

This set adds 600 weapons and spells damage to poison and disease abilities, making it a suitable choice for ganking builds. While there are alternatives available, this set provides a considerable damage boost and can be sold to other players.


Monster Sets


This 3 piece set is a favourite among tanks as it provides bonuses to stamina, magicka, and health. Blocking attacks charges the set, and when fully charged, it restores stamina and magicka and provides significant healing. While it can be acquired for free by farming Crossvault, purchasing it from the vendor saves you time and effort.


Spawn of Mephala

This DLC monster set has a chance to spawn a disease spore when dealing damage, offering additional disease damage to your arsenal. While it is not universally useful, it can be acquired by farming Cradle of Shadows.



The luxury and golden vendor items in ESO add depth, visual appeal, and power to your gameplay experience. From enchanting housing decorations to formidable gear sets, each ESO items serves a unique purpose. Consider your preferences and playstyle when deciding which items to acquire. Keep an eye on the golden vendor's stock rotation for future opportunities to obtain valuable gear. Happy exploring and decorating in The Elder Scrolls Online!

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