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Diablo 4 Farming Experience and Legendary Items Route in Champion's Demise

In this Diablo IV guide, we will walk you through a highly efficient farming Champion's Demise route that not only grants you substantial experience but also provides a plethora of items and Diablo 4 Gold. This farming method can be executed in any difficulty level, but we recommend Torment difficulty for the increased 200% experience gain. However, if you find it challenging, feel free to adjust the difficulty to suit your capabilities.



Diablo 4 Farming Experience and Legendary Items Route in Champion


The Farming Route: Champion's Demise

The key to this farming route lies within specific types of dungeons found throughout the game map. Unlike the open-world areas, dungeons offer unique experience mechanics that allow you to maximize your gains. By entering a dungeon, you can gain experience from any mobs killed within that dungeon, regardless of your proximity to them. This is the mechanic we will exploit for this farming route.


Here are the steps to follow:

  • Location: The specific dungeon you'll be farming is called Champion's Demise. It is highly recommended to perform this farm with exactly three players for optimal efficiency.
  • Party Setup: Have one player already inside the dungeon, and then invite two additional players. The player who is already inside will send invites to the other two. Once everyone has joined the party, proceed to the next step.
  • Teleporting: Using the teleporter near town, teleport to the player who is already inside the dungeon. Each player should choose a different lane, forming a triangle pattern near the entrance.
  • Clearing the Lanes: Each player should proceed to clear the lane they have chosen. The goal is to reach the end of the lane, eliminating all the minions along the way. Make sure to coordinate and communicate with your teammates to ensure efficient clearing.
  • Teleporting Back to Town: Once you have cleared your lane, teleport back to town. You can check the map to confirm if your teammates have also completed their lanes.
  • Resetting the Dungeon: The player who initially created the party should leave the party at this point. Then, all players should leave the party as well. Finally, the first player invites everyone back into the party. This will reset the dungeon, allowing you to repeat the process.
  • Repeating the Run: The player who remained inside the dungeon will stay near the entrance and repeat the farming run. The other players teleport to the already active player to restart the run. This cycle can be repeated as many times as desired.

By following this route, you will encounter a significant density of mobs, making it a challenging farm. Ensure that you have adequate lightning resistance and crowd control capabilities to tackle the difficulties presented. Adjust the difficulty level as needed to optimize your efficiency.


Additional Tips

  • Ignore Other Farming Methods: While it may be tempting to engage in events in the Overworld or participate in PvP zones, this dungeon farming method outperforms other options significantly. Its efficiency stems from the ability to split up and simultaneously kill mobs, resulting in faster clears.
  • Stash Management: During the farming process, you may come across numerous legendary items. To optimize your time, you can choose not to pick them up immediately. Approximately every 10 legendaries, check your stash, where the legendaries will automatically be stored. Claim them from your stash before proceeding with the next run.


By implementing this farming route, you can expect remarkable experience gains and a plethora of legendary and unique items. It may require a bit of effort and coordination, but the results speak for themselves. Experiment with this method and adapt it to your character's strengths and gear.

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