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RS Guide: Three Buffed Gold Makers in RuneScape with Necromancy

In this article, we will explore three highly profitable Gold-making methods in RuneScape that have been significantly boosted thanks to the introduction of the necromancy skill. With the release of the necromancy skill, a list of items to be used with the skill was revealed, causing the prices of these items to skyrocket. We will provide detailed instructions for each method, along with timestamps for easy navigation. 

RS Guide: Three Buffed Gold Makers in RuneScape with Necromancy


Method 1: Frost Dragons

One of the items on the necromancy list is bones, particularly frost dragon bones.

Frost dragon bones have seen a substantial price increase of around 30%.

Currently, they are being sold for approximately 40K Runescape GP per bone.

By utilizing the upgraded Bone Crusher and the Death Note Relic, you can potentially earn over 15 million GP per hour.

Even without the upgraded Bone Crusher, the method can still yield around 12 million Ruenscape GP per hour.


Here's how to proceed:

Requirements: Access to the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon (south of the Port Sarim lodestone) and level 85 Dungeoneering to enter the resource dungeon.

Frost dragons have relatively low health and are easy to kill. It is recommended to bring super anti-fire or anti-fire potions to counter their fire breath attack.

With the Death Note Relic and the upgraded Bone Crusher, the bones will automatically go to your inventory as noted items, eliminating the need to pick them up manually.

Focus on killing as many frost dragons as possible to maximize your earnings.


Method 2: Smelting Bane Bars

Smelting Bane bars is another highly profitable method. To embark on this method, you will need a minimum of level 80 Smithing (level 81 and 89 Smithing are highly recommended for additional benefits). Here's how it works:

Requirements: At least 20 million GP to purchase the Bane bars, level 80 Smithing (level 81 and 89 recommended), and the Superheat Form curse (requires level 91 Prayer and completion of The Light Within Quest).

Purchase Bane bars (around 14,000 GP each) using approximately 20 million GP. The profit per bar is approximately 4,000 GP.

Smelt the Bane bars at a furnace using the Smelting Gauntlets (obtained from the Family Crest quest) to increase the efficiency and AFKability of the method.

The Superheat Form curse will speed up the smelting process, allowing you to make more bars per hour.

By having the necessary requirements and utilizing the recommended items, you can earn around 9-10 million GP per hour.


Method 3: Krill (K'ril Tsutsaroth)

Krill is a boss that drops subjugation armor, which has seen a significant price increase due to its connection to necromancy. This method offers decent GP per hour and can be relatively AFK. Here's what you need to know:

Requirements: 70 Constitution, completion of Troll Stronghold, and 70+ Magic (The Inquisitor staff is recommended but not required).

Recommended items: Demon Horn Necklace, Attuned Ectoplasmater, Penance Aura (or Vampirism Aura), and gear suitable for the boss fight.

With the Demon Horn Necklace and Attuned Ectoplasmater, your prayer points will be effectively unlimited.

Use the Penance Aura to regain prayer points during combat, or you can switch it with Vampirism Aura for health regeneration.

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