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Diablo 4 Legendaries Items Grinding Rolls, and Leveling Guides

Legendaries are powerful items that greatly enhance your character's abilities in Diablo 4. However, understanding which legendaries are valuable while leveling can be challenging. This guide will discuss different types of legendaries, their rolls, and how to determine their worth. We will also cover the imprinting and extracting legendaries and when to focus on grinding for legendaries during the leveling process.

Diablo 4 Legendaries Items Grinding Rolls, and Leveling Guides


Types of Legendaries

In Diablo 4, there are different types of legendaries: standard legendaries, sacred legendaries, and unique legendaries. Each type has its characteristics and potential power levels. To determine the value of a legend, it's essential to examine its rolls.


Understanding Legendary Rolls

When looking at a legendary item, you will notice a range of values associated with its effect. For example, a legendary might have a 20-30% chance to spawn a blood ore when consuming a corpse. This range represents the potential rolls that the legendary effect can have. By comparing the value rolled to the possible range, you can gauge how powerful the effect will be.


Enabling Advanced Tooltip Information

To see the specific rolls on legendaries, enabling the Advanced Tooltip Information in the gameplay options is crucial. This will allow you to view the numerical values associated with each legendary effect. It is recommended to turn this feature on to make informed decisions about your legendaries.


Dismantling, Saving, or Extracting Legendaries

While leveling, you might encounter legendaries unsuitable for your build or have low rolls. In such cases, you have a few options. If a legendary has a low roll and does not possess a unique effect, it is generally safe to dismantle it. Dismantling legendaries will provide valuable resources and Diablo 4 Gold for crafting and imprinting.


On the other hand, if a legendary has a high roll or possesses a unique effect that can benefit your build, it is worth saving or extracting its power. Extraction allows you to remove the legendary effect and transfer it to an ideal piece of equipment, such as a weapon, amulet, or gloves. The extracted effect can be placed on a higher-quality item through the imprinting process.


Imprinting and Extracting Legendaries

Visit the occultist in the appropriate towns or cities to imprint or extract legendaries. Imprinting allows you to create a new legendary with specific effects from the Codex of Power. However, be cautious, as imprinting comes at a cost and requires resources like veil crystals and coiling wards obtained from dismantling legendaries.


When imprinting, consider the equipment where the effect will be placed. Imprinting on an amulet or other non-weapon slots is recommended while leveling, as weapon upgrades are frequent, making imprinting on weapons less viable.


Grinding for Legendaries

While leveling, the focus should be on progressing through the story and reaching Nightmare Mode (World Tier 3). In Nightmare Mode, sacred legendaries become available, with significantly higher stats and potential than normal legendaries. It is advisable to equip sacred gear and imprint or find powerful legendary effects on these items.


While leveling, it is not necessary to grind extensively for legendaries. You can rely on Codex aspects to enhance your build temporarily. Save your murmuring opals, a valuable resource, for Nightmare Mode or Tier 4, where you can use them to obtain powerful sacred gear through the RNG system.



Understanding legendaries and their rolls is essential for making informed decisions while leveling in Diablo 4. By examining the rolls and enabling Advanced Tooltip Information, you can assess the power level of each legendary effect. Dismantle legendaries with low rolls or irrelevant effects, save or extract those with high rolls or build-defining effects, and imprint on appropriate gear slots to optimize your character. 

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