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Diablo 4 Morgan's Works Guide: The Most Efficient Loot and XP Farming Method

In Diablo 4, an incredibly broken loot and XP farming method is taking the community by storm. This method allows you to quickly reach level 100 and acquire a vast amount of high-quality loot. While it is likely to be nerfed soon, you can take advantage of it now to amass a staggering number of items. This guide will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring you maximize your loot and XP gains.



Diablo 4 Morgan


Location: Morgan's Work

Which can be found on the map. Look for the Key of A Shard near the dungeon entrance. Once you enter the dungeon, you'll encounter a group of elite enemies who offer increased XP and a higher chance of dropping Diablo IV Gold and rare items.


Farming Steps

The farming method itself is quite straightforward. Clear out the first wave of enemies as soon as you enter the dungeon, and then exit the dungeon. Repeat this process continuously for efficient farming. It's a simple loop that allows you to maximize your XP gains.


- Step 1: Locating the Farming Spot

To begin, head to the Morgan's Works dungeon located on the side of the map in Howitzer. You can easily reach this location from a couple of nearby settlements. Once you've arrived, venture into the dungeon.


- Step 2: Focus on Elite Enemies

You aim to farm two large groups of Elite level enemies inside the dungeon. Ignore the more miniature packs and search for the areas with a high concentration of enemies. These groups will provide the best loot drops and XP gains. Having a character at least level 50 or higher for this method is recommended.


- Step 3: Efficiently Clearing the Enemies

Engage the enemy groups, making quick work of the Herald enemies first as they buff the others. Playing on Nightmare mode, preferably tier 4, is advisable for optimal results. Even on tier 3, you will still obtain many sacred-quality items, with a good chance of legendaries dropping as well.


- Step 4: Farm Both Enemy Groups

Don't stop after clearing the first group of enemies; proceed to search for the second group. Completely ignore any other objectives within the dungeon. Rinse and repeat this process, farming both groups each time.


- Step 5: Resetting the Dungeon

After finishing farming both enemy groups, leave the dungeon. Exiting the game at this point will help quickly reset the dungeon for your next farming run. Alternatively, you can run back to town and perform inventory management while waiting for the dungeon to reset.


- Step 6: Repeat the Farming Runs

Once the dungeon has reset, re-enter it, and you'll find the enemies have respawned. The cycle continues, allowing you to farm efficiently. This method takes approximately 1-2 minutes per run, but experienced players can further shorten the time.


- Step 7: Maximizing Drops

Most of the items you obtain will be sacred rares, which are valuable for promoting them to legendary quality. Look for items with desirable stats or improvements for your character. These sacred rares can also be salvaged for materials or sold for gold if needed. On higher difficulties, you may also have a chance to find unique dropping, but this relies on luck.


- Step 8: Leveling and Experience Gains

This farming method yields not only incredible loot but also provides substantial XP gains. Pop an XP potion to maximize your leveling speed. Many speedrunners have utilized this method to rush to level 100. The XP gains are significant, especially on Nightmare difficulties and higher tiers. Running this method for about 20 minutes can result in gaining a whole level.


Farming With Friend

To enhance your farming experience, we recommend doing this method with a friend. You will spawn outside the dungeon when you leave the party, instantly resetting it. This eliminates the waiting time required for the dungeon to reset when playing solo. It's a small but impactful optimization.


Recommend Builds

Regarding your character builds, the Rougue or Sorcerer Lightning build is highly recommended for this farming method. If you want detailed information on this build, check out our previous article dedicated to it. The Lightning build provides excellent area-of-effect (AOE) damage, making it perfect for quickly clearing out groups of enemies. Regardless of the enemy's strength, they will be stunned and obliterated by your attacks.


World Tier difficulty

If you are at Level 50 or above, you can tackle this farming method on World Tier 3. Enemies on World Tier 3 grant you a 100% XP bonus, doubling your XP gains. However, if you are below Level 50, which is likely true for most players, we recommend doing this method on World Tier 2. You can still earn a substantial amount of XP at this tier, and the difficulty will be manageable.


Elixirs XP buffs

Without XP buffs like elixirs on World Tier 2, you can expect to earn around 20K to 30K XP per run. However, if you incorporate elixirs into your strategy, you can increase your XP gains even further. Playing with a friend also grants you a 5% XP increase, boosting your farming efficiency. By combining all these factors, you can achieve approximately a 130% increase in XP gains, resulting in a significant accumulation of XP, legendary items, and rare drops.


In conclusion, the farming method discussed in this guide is currently the most effective way to farm XP, legendaries, and rares in Diablo 4. Remember to optimize your strategy using the recommended Lightning build for the Sorcerer, consider using elixirs for additional bonuses, and try to farm on World Tier 3 if you're at Level 50 or higher. By following these tips and repeating the dungeon runs, your character's progress will skyrocket in no time.

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