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Diablo 4 Renown Guide: Farming Fast and Efficient Progression

In Diablo 4, Renown is a crucial aspect of character progression, granting various benefits and unlocking powerful abilities. To maximize your Renown gains and speed up your progression, we have devised a fast and efficient method that involves split farming dungeons. Following this guide, you can quickly accumulate Renown points and reach your goals in just a few hours. Let's dive into the details!



Diablo 4 Renown Guide: Farming Fast and Efficient Progression


Step 1: Set World Tier 1

To begin with, set your World Tier to 1. This is important because you can earn Renown even on the lower tiers. Selecting World Tier 1 ensure that every dungeon completion rewards you with Renown points.


Step 2: Form a Group

Gather a group of four players to maximize efficiency. Team up with friends or find like-minded players looking to farm Renown. Having a full group allows you to split farm dungeons, meaning that while completing one dungeon, your teammates simultaneously finish others. This way, you can collectively complete four dungeons in the time required to complete just one individually.


Step 3: Split Farming Strategy

In split farming, each group member chooses a different dungeon to tackle. It doesn't matter where you are in the world; Renown is awarded globally. As one player finishes their dungeon, others will also receive the completion reward. This strategy ensures rapid Renown accumulation.


Step 4: Dungeon Progression

Select dungeons that are suitable for split farming. The choice of dungeons is flexible, but it's recommended to focus on those that can be completed swiftly. You can refer to the full map guide provided in the description for more information. Additionally, don't forget to complete the necessary side quests, tackle the strongholds, and confront of Lilith for additional Renown.


Step 5: Optimizing Gear and Abilities

To expedite the dungeon clears, prioritize movement speed-focused gear and abilities. Having a full movement speed build allows you to swiftly traverse the dungeons, making your farming runs more efficient. Experiment with different gear combinations and abilities to find what suits your playstyle best. In the provided example, the player mentions using the Rage of Holograph and Paragraphs abilities for optimal performance.


Step 6: Utilizing Loot and Gold

While progressing through the split farming runs, keep an eye out for valuable loot drops. Even though the items may not be significant for your character's gear, they can still be sold for a considerable amount of Diablo 4 gold. By picking up these items during your farming sessions, you can accumulate wealth in addition to Renown points.



By following this Renown farming guide in Diablo 4, you can efficiently progress through the Renown system quickly. Utilizing split farming with a full group and focusing on World Tier 1 dungeons will allow you to accumulate Renown points rapidly. Additionally, optimizing your gear for movement speed and watching for valuable loot will maximize your gains during farming. Enjoy the fast-paced progression and unlock powerful abilities in your quest to become a legendary hero in Diablo 4!

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