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Diablo 4 Forsaken Quarry Dungeon: The Ultimate Gold and Loot Farm Guides

Are you looking for the best XP, loot, gold, and salvage farm in Diablo 4? Look no further! The Forsaken Quarry is the dungeon you've been searching for, and the best part is, it's not going to get patched. This dungeon has been working like this since the beta, and players are just now discovering its incredible potential for leveling, item farming, and wealth accumulation. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to access the Forsaken Quarry and explain how to efficiently farm it for maximum rewards.



Diablo 4 Forsaken Quarry Dungeon: The Ultimate Gold and Loot Farm Guides


Getting to the Forsaken Quarry

To reach the Forsaken Quarry, start in the main town of Kyovashad. Open your map and locate Kyovashad, which serves as the central hub. Now, head directly above it to find the dungeon entrance. The Forsaken Quarry is conveniently located just around the corner from Kyova Shad, making it easily accessible. Along the way, make sure to claim the nearby Altar of Lilith for additional benefits. We'll even demonstrate the route in this guide so you can see how quick and straightforward it is.


Entering the Forsaken Quarry

Upon entering the Forsaken Quarry, you may notice that the layout is randomized, but don't worry—our strategy will work regardless of the specific layout. Proceed down the stairs, and you'll find a multitude of enemies waiting for you. This dungeon is filled with abundant loot, experience, and gold, making it an ideal spot for farming. If you want to sell the loot you obtain, it's also an excellent source of materials for salvaging.


Navigating the Dungeon

As you make your way through the Forsaken Quarry, you'll encounter numerous enemies, including powerful elites. The better your build, the more efficiently you'll be able to clear the dungeon. It's essential to optimize your character's build to maximize the speed and effectiveness of your runs. 


The Densely Packed Rooms

Prepare yourself for densely packed rooms filled with enemies. These areas are perfect for loot, XP, and Diablo 4 gold, and the more elites that spawn, the better your farming results will be. Your build's power and speed play a crucial role in clearing these rooms quickly. If you have a high-end, end-game build that deals massive damage, you'll be able to breeze through them in just a couple of minutes. 


Gems and Special Chests

Throughout the Forsaken Quarry, you'll come across special chests and even gem drops. The gems obtained from this dungeon are upgraded versions, making them highly valuable. You can find chipped versions of topaz, sapphire, amethyst, and other gems, further enhancing your character's power and wealth.


Farm and Reset

Once you've collected the desired loot and completed a run, it's time to reset the dungeon and start again. To reset the Forsaken Quarry, leave the dungeon and return to the main menu. Then, re-enter the game, and the dungeon will be reset. You can farm the Forsaken Quarry repeatedly using this method, maximizing your loot and experience gains.


Farming with Friends

If you prefer to farm the Forsaken Quarry with friends, you can do so easily. The party host should right-click their name on the screen's left-hand side and select "Leave Party." After that, the host can invite their friends back, and they will spawn right on top of the host. This method allows you to farm the dungeon as a group, providing an enjoyable.

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