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ESO Update 38: New Item Sets and Changes Guide

In this guide, we will be covering all the new item sets and changes introduced in Update 38 for The Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom chapter. We'll discuss how these sets work and provide information on what has been tested so far. Additionally, we'll go over the itemization changes, including fixes, adjustments, nerfs, and balancing of existing sets



ESO Update 38: New Item Sets and Changes Guide


New Overland Sets

Let's begin with the Overland sets. These sets are available in light, medium, and heavy armour. Here are some notable sets:

  • Vivex Duality - This set includes the Vivex Gloves of Duality. It provides bonuses to maximum Magicka, Stamina, and Magicka. The fifth piece bonus allows your weapon to charge over 15 seconds while not swapping weapons. Once fully charged, you restore 6636 Magicka and Stamina after swapping weapons. It's important to note that you need to have five pieces of this set on both bars for it to work effectively. This set encourages bar swapping and can be beneficial for newer players or those who are not accustomed to frequent bar swapping.
  • Come-on-the-Tongue - This set offers significant bonuses to weapon and spell damage. The four-piece bonus grants Druids and the five-piece bonus increases your weapon and spell damage for 30 seconds when you gain kill XP from a monster. The bonus can stack up to a maximum of 540 weapons and spell damage. It's worth mentioning that this set is not affected by XP-boosting effects like Mythic Ambrosia or double XP events.
  • Adamant Lurker - This heavy armour set provides bonuses to health recovery and maximum health. It offers an impressive 1050 health recovery while standing still. It's important to note that certain abilities like Gap Closers or teleport abilities count as standing still, allowing you to benefit from this health recovery bonus even while using those abilities.

These are just a few examples of the new Overland sets. They offer interesting bonuses and can be valuable additions to your character's gear.



Update 38 introduces three new mythic items. Let's take a look at each one:

  • Velocity Urbans's Amulet - This amulet provides offensive penetration, increased damage against monsters by 15%, and minor Force. Although the amount of penetration has been toned down from the initial PTS version, it still remains a powerful item. This mythic can be particularly beneficial for the new Arcanist class, as it enhances their primary beam ability and helps maximize their DPS potential.
  • Crypt Cannon Investments - This mythic item allows you to transfer your ultimate resource to your living group members instead of casting ultimate abilities. The ultimate resource is divided equally among the group members. While in combat, you also gain minor heroism. This item has interesting implications, especially for group scenarios and potentially in the upcoming endless dungeon.
  • Esoteric Environment Grease - This mythic item reduces direct damage taken by 50% while above 50 stamina. However, you lose stamina whenever you take direct damage, up to once every 0.3 seconds. This item is more focused on PvP, offering damage mitigation and stamina management. It is important to note that the mitigation provided by this item stacks with block mitigation.

These mythic items introduce unique gameplay mechanics and can greatly impact your character's performance depending on your playstyle and build.


Trial Sets

Update 38 introduces several new trial sets, each catering to different playstyles. Let's take a closer look at them:


Peace and Serenity:

Peace and Serenity is a light armour set that provides the critical chance and minor slayer bonuses, as well as weapons and spell damage. The perfected peace bonus on the five-piece set offers additional weapon and spell damage while stationary and healthy, Magicka, and stamina recovery while moving. This set can be equipped on weapons and jewellery rather than the body, especially in optimized trial groups. It offers decent sustained damage, making it suitable for beginners in specific scenarios.


Transformative Hope:

Transformative Hope is designed for healers, providing bonuses to the healing done and Magicka recovery. The perfected peace bonus triggers a three-second spark of Hope when you or an ally falls below 50 health. If the target is above 90 health, when the effect ends, you and the ally receive major heroism for 15 seconds. This set has potential applications in both PvE and PvP, particularly in organized PvP scenarios.


Soul's Torment:

Soul's Torment is a medium armour set focused on damage dealing. It offers the critical chance and minor slayer bonuses, along with defence penetration. The perfected peace bonus further increases the critical chance. The set's unique bonus enhances your damage against monsters by 7% for 10 seconds whenever you actively interrupt an enemy. This set can find utility in boss fights and scenarios where interrupting enemy abilities is necessary.


Test of Resolve:

Test of Resolve is a heavy armour set designed for tank users. It provides bonuses to armour, minor aegis, and maximum health. When you take damage while below 50 health and have less than 50 stamina, you receive full health, Magicka, and stamina restoration, along with major protection and minor aegis for 10 seconds. If you are above 50 stamina, you become a beacon of Hope, granting major aegis to your group's major and minor buffs for 10 seconds. This set may prove useful for inexperienced tanks, but experienced players may find it unnecessarily complicated due to the specific health and stamina requirements.


Crafted Sets

There are several newly crafted sets introduced in Update 38. Let's take a look at each of them:


Shattered Fate:

This set provides 687 weapons and spells damage when wearing all 12 slots. Additionally, it grants a 15% to 28% critical chance bonus. It's important to note that these bonuses are only active when you reach the specified number of pieces. For example, having seven pieces of Shattered Fate will not grant you the 10-piece bonus, only the five-piece bonus. This set is a good general damage set, making it easier for newer players to craft and use.


Telvanni Efficiency:

Telvanni Efficiency offers bonuses to maximum stamina, maximum health, and maximum Magicka. While you have a living companion, it reduces the cooldown of their abilities by 50%. When you do not have a living companion, it reduces the cost of your Magica, stamina, health, and ultimate abilities by 8%. This set encourages players to use companions and provides a flat reduction in their cooldowns. It's a useful set for those who want to make the most of their companions without having to invest in expensive gear.


Seeker Synthesis:

Seeker Synthesis grants bonuses to maximum health, maximum Magicka, and maximum stamina. The set's bonus comes into effect when you cast an ability that costs resources while in combat, reducing your potion cooldown by 0.6 seconds. This effect can occur once every 0.6 seconds. This set is primarily beneficial for stamina, and Magicka builds, as reducing potion cooldown can be advantageous. However, it may require additional calculations and considerations when combining it with ultimate cost reduction sets.


Item Set Changes

Before diving into the new sets, let's first look at the changes made to existing item sets in Update 38. Several sets underwent adjustments, fixes, nerfs, or balancing. Here are some notable changes:

  • Crafted Sets: An issue was fixed with sets that only affected six targets, such as "That Which Does Not Kill Us." The Old Growth Brew set now requires you to be in combat for its effects to activate. Orders Wrath had an issue where it couldn't be used in no-proc campaigns, but that has been fixed.
  • Mastari's Tutelage: An issue where this set reduced the cost of Sprint for Dungeon and Arena sets was addressed. It can no longer be used to pre-buff abilities like Frenzy Momentum and Spectral Cloak.
  • BRP Duals: The set bonuses of these weapons now only apply when their respective ability requirements are cast while in combat.
  • Crusader: Visual effects were optimized to reduce their impact on performance during climbing.
  • Rune-Caller's Blaze: An issue was fixed where the set wasn't working with the Sorcerer's Hurricane ability.
  • Storm Master: The set's bonus damage with light and heavy attacks now only works against monsters, not players. The duration of the bonus was reduced to 8 seconds after 20 seconds, and the cooldown was reduced to 5 seconds after 10 seconds. However, some players may not agree with these changes.
  • Lady Thorn: A bug was fixed where the synergy granted by the Sanguine Burst ability did not obey line-of-sight rules. The set now applies a 40% snare to enemies instead of a stacking snare.
  • Coward's Gear: An issue was resolved where the set wouldn't work if you were sprinting.
  • Eye of Nahviintaas: An issue was fixed where this set reduced the cost of Sprint. Infallible Mage, another set, now only works against monsters with its bonus damage from heavy attacks.
  • Plague Break: The set's functionality was changed to apply only to enemy players, not any enemy. This was done to correct an unintended behaviour in PvE content.
  • Twin Sisters: An issue was resolved where this set didn't obey line-of-sight rules.
  • Prisoner's Rags: A bug was fixed where the set didn't work while sprinting.
  • Kuma's Smuggler: This set now requires you to be in combat to gain its effects.



Update 38 in The Elder Scrolls Online introduces a variety of new item sets and adjustments to existing ones. The trial sets, such as Peace and Serenity, Transformative Hope, Soul's Torment, and Test of Resolve, provide options for different playstyles and roles. The crafted sets, including Shattered Fate, Telvanni Efficiency, and Seeker Synthesis, offer customization and versatility to players. Experimenting with these sets and finding the right combinations will enhance your gameplay experience in ESO's Necrom update.

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