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How to get gold profits through selling furniture planning in ESO Necrom?

Selling furnishing plans in Elder Scrolls Online, especially newly added plans, can be a highly profitable venture. With the introduction of ESO's latest chapter, Necrom, there are numerous new furnishing plans that fetch substantial amounts of gold. This guide will provide you with essential tips and tricks for earning gold by farming furnishing plans, as well as recommend some excellent locations to farm the new Necrom furnishing plans.


How to get gold profits through selling furniture planning in ESO Necrom?


Introduction to Furnishing Plan Farming

As a dedicated ESO player, one of the first things we do whenever a new chapter or DLC zone is released is to farm furnishing plans. This activity can yield significant profits because ESO housing is an essential endgame aspect of the game.


Understanding the RNG Factor

In general, we prefer not to engage in excessively RNG-heavy activities to earn ESO gold. It is crucial to be fairly compensated for the time we invest in actively grinding for gold. Some activities, such as farming for alien furnishing plants or the coveted Khajiit Brazier, can result in hours or even days of farming with no valuable rewards.


While there is nothing wrong with pursuing these items, it's essential for players to be aware of the possibility of coming away empty-handed. Farming DLC zone furnishing plans share a similar risk, which is why this preface is necessary. Looting containers in instances can be time-consuming and not guarantee a valuable furnishing plan, contributing to the high value of purple quality plans in the market.


Assessing the Worth of Farming Furnishing Plans

When new furnishing plans are introduced through a new playable zone, we make an exception to usual gold farming standards. As mentioned earlier, all these plans are worth a substantial amount of gold. Furthermore, even common green and blue drops are valuable when they are newly added to the game. Therefore, the chances of earning significant profits by farming the most recently implemented furnishing plans are at their peak. It is highly recommended to take advantage of this opportunity, especially when you have some spare time in-game, like when waiting in a dungeon or battleground queue or while your raid roster is being filled.


Farming Locations for Necrom Furnishing Plans

Let's explore two excellent locations to farm the new Necrom furnishing plans:


Location #1: Cipher's Midden

This location is ideal for casual farming to pass the time. Head to Apocrypha and take a short walk from the Wayshrine to Larimel Study. You'll find a small enclosure with several lootable containers. Note that these containers don't reset by simply walking out and back in. You can use your preferred instance resetting method. We preview a home from the Crown Store, leave home, and return to our previous location. This method repopulates the containers, allowing for continuous farming.


Location #2: Salinorah Crypts

This location is perfect for those dedicated to serious farming. However, keep in mind that you can only access the Salinorah Crypts after starting the corresponding quest. Complete the necessary quest-related tasks in the area without finishing the quest to keep the instance available for looting. Keep in mind that completing the quest will lock you out of the Crypts. To maintain maximum efficiency, you may need to sacrifice a quest journal slot.


Speak with the NPC located by Silamora to start the quest, perform some simple tasks in the vicinity, and gain access to the Crypts. These Crypts are a treasure trove of urns that drop furnishing plans. They are packed with clusters of two to five urns on the floor, urns on shelves, and urns on the walls. Although there are ads spawning in this location, they are easily defeated and pose more of a nuisance than a challenge. It is recommended to farm containers passively while playing through the Necrom chapter.



These two locations should provide a good starting point for farming Necrom furnishing plans. Keep in mind that there may be other great farming spots out there. We hope you are blessed with favourable RNG and acquire some exquisite furnishing plans. Lastly, please refrain from expressing concerns about the value of these plans decreasing due to this guide. 

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