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RuneScape Triskelion Treasures Keys Guides

In this article, we embark on a trial run of the Triskelion Treasures Keys in RuneScape. After hoarding Skilling keys for two years, we were curious to see the current loot and how relevant these keys are compared to their past state. Over time, these keys seemed less desirable, prompting us to examine their drop rates and potential for improvement. Join us as we share our experiences and discoveries throughout this loot-finding adventure.

RuneScape Triskelion Treasures Keys Guides


Loot and Expectations

Initially treated as rare drops with decent rewards, the perception of Triskelion Treasures Keys has changed. The once-elusive drops seem to have significantly decreased in value. Considering the current rare drops in RuneScape, we believe it's time for a re-evaluation and potential revamp. Imagine slaying monsters and receiving a golden or red beam, only to find a Triskelian piece or a dragon pickaxe that needs reconsideration and re-balancing.


Our Exciting Findings

Our journey began with great anticipation as we opened the first Triskelian Chest, and to our astonishment, a Dragon pickaxe worth 26 million coins emerged. This unexpected drop encouraged us to explore further. One of our motivations for engaging in this activity was accumulating Elite Clue Scrolls and building our clue stack. We were inspired by watching clue-opening videos and wanted to share our own experiences with the community. Not only would it bring additional wealth to our account, but it also presented an opportunity to delve into the Clue Scroll adventures.


Loot from 75 Triskelion Treasures

Excitedly, we opened 75 Triskelion Treasures, eager to see if we would find more Dragon pickaxes or other valuable items. While the elusive Dragonstone pieces had no substantial value, they were regarded as rare drops and could contribute to your collection log. Our expectations were met with surprising results as we acquired many Dragon pickaxes. Alongside them, we encountered various items such as Elite Clue Scrolls, blue charms, stone spirits, seeds, and other resources. Despite the decline in value for some of these drops, Elite Clue Scrolls held the potential for significant profits.


The Future of Our Account

Our findings and experiences with Triskelian Treasures Keys have given us ideas for future endeavors. We have plans to utilize the accumulated Elite Clue Scrolls, currently numbering 337, in a special project. Although we won't provide a specific date due to potential delays, we envision a thrilling stream where we undertake a massive collection of Clue Scrolls. To support this undertaking, we intend to invest in Big Pages, even though they come at a hefty price of 7 billion Runescape Gold each. By amassing 75 Big Pages, we will obtain valuable statistics and fill out our clue carrier and clue log. This content-rich project will entertain our audience and serve as a profitable venture, hoping to obtain a coveted die and complete the clue log.



In conclusion, our experience with Triskelion Treasures Keys shed light on their outdated loot tables, which could benefit from a revamp. Despite their diminishing value, acquiring a Triskelian piece is still worth it for the Elite Clue Scroll it guarantees. Our unexpected luck with the initial Dragon pickaxe drop ignited our enthusiasm for future clue adventures and the potential for obtaining rare and valuable items. 

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